Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Gilles Peterson - Smell The Grass

The festival season is almost upon us, so here's a "festival themed" (i.e. sponsored by Wireless festival) mix by Gilles Peterson from Mixmag in July 2005.

"Born in Paris and raised in London on a diet of Gauloises, cider and fish & chips, Gilles Peterson began to collect rare Polish electronica as a teenager, making in-roads into the burgeoning rare groove and soul scene at clubs such as Cat's Whiskers in Streatham. And whilst he's best known for playing weird records before Carl Cox at Space and a glorious mid-90's stint running Talkin' Loud Records - where he signed Roni Sie and MAW's "Nuyorican Soul" project - he's a much into his acid as he is into his jazz, as this CD testifies."

01 Dwight Trible and The Life Force Trio - Celestial Blues (1:48)
02 Ammoncontact - A Satellite's Return (3:39)
03 Roots Manuva - Too Cold (Sa-Ra Remix) (3:38)

04 Lady Sovereign - Random (A. Brucker & Sinden Mix) (3:44)

05 Stereotyp Meets Al Haca - Blaze 'N' Cook (6:17)

06 DJ Rogal and Wunmi - Silly Questions (5:20)

07 Recloose - Dust (7:00)

08 Plant Life - When She Smiles She Lights The Sky (4 Hero Mix) (4:35)

09 Basement Jaxx - Daluma (6:00)

10 Âme - Engoli (6:11)

11 Phonique - 99 & A Half (I:Cube Mix) (Mixmag Edit) (4:39)

12 Roman Flügel - Geht's Noch? (2:19)

13 Mathew Jonson - Decrompression (7:44)

14 Sa-Ra - Glorious (4:38)

Gilles Peterson - Smell The Grass (Part 1)
Gilles Peterson - Smell The Grass (Part 2)

Postscript: Again I've been really slack about posting - my computer is bollocks (it's already crashed 3 times doing this!) and it can be a real pain in the arse uploading stuff (cos the internet connection goes down every time I get up to make a cup of tea which is quite often). Plus I've been sidetracked by Facebook, if anyone wants to give us a shout on there then let us know, keep posting the odd track up there...