Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Human Resource - Dominator

Human Resource consisted of Guido Pernet, Johan Van Beek, Jasper Drexhage, Robert Mahu & Larenzo Nash (Yeah, me neither), & provide the tune that I need to wake me up, am working nights at the momnet & feel like i'm neither here nor there! Can't remember any other tune they did but they still seem to be on the go from this tune (website address is!) Released in 1991 it is said by many that "Dominator" was the first record to use the "Hoover Sound"...although others claim Human Resource ripped off Joey Beltram...whatever the truth may be, what this track did do was it established the musical genre of "hardcore". Don't worry folks, there won't be any more "hardcore" tunes from this moment on!

Human Resource - Dominator


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Jon Carter - Acid House Reborn!

'The best job I ever had' is how Jon Carter sums up his career to date. Born 30 years ago on the outskirts of London, Jon's rise to prominence was triggered, like so many of his generation, by the Acid House revolution of 88-89 when the warehouse parties that happened nationwide suddenly made music so much more accessible than ever before.
Excellent mix which I remember listening to whilst lying on the beach in Menorca, also remember seeing Jon at Creamfields a few years back with his wife at the time Sara Cox dancing around like a loon behind him! Free with the October 2003 issue of Mixmag.

01 Bam Bam - Where's Your Child? (4:20)
02 Stashrider - Voodoo (3:36)
03 FC Kahuna - Nothing Is Wrong (3:03)
04 The Biz - Satisfaction (Radio Slave Mix) (3:18)
05 LFO - Freak (Edit) (2:03)
06 Hughes & Spier - Idiot Box (1:30)
07 Tiga - Hot In Herre (2:45)
08 Green Velvet - Genedefekt (5:13)
09 Audio Bullys - Way Too Long (Switch Mix) (3:40)
10 Jon Carter & Dan Peppe - I Can't Wait (6:30)
11 Wink - Superfreak (Freak) (Blakkat Mix) (5:01)
12 Underworld - Cowgirl (Futureshock Remix) (6:17)
13 The Chemical Brothers - Electronic Battleweapon 6 (5:39)
14 Hardfloor - Acperience (6:42)

Track 07 contains an interpretation of "Bustin' Loose" by Charles Brown.
Track 09 contains elements of "(I Don't Want To Go To) Chelsea" by Elvis Costello.

Jon Carter - Acid House Reborn!

Jon Carter News

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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Cassius Present... French Disco '03

Compiled & mixed by Philippe Zdar from Cassius & given away on the cover of the August 2003 issue of Muzik, not strictly all French artists! Some classic tunes on here including remixes by The Streets, DFA & Daft Punk!

01 Drugs - Brain On Drugs (Chateau Flight Remix) (4:14)
02 Manhead - Doop (Reverso 68 Remix) (4:44)
03 Bergheim 34 - Take My Soul (3:00)
04 Black Strobe - Me And Madonna (4:30)
05 Bosco - Novo Screen (Kiko & Gino S Remix) (2:53)
06 Agoria - Hold Up (3:48)
07 Goldfrapp - Train (Ewan Pearson Dub Mix) (Edit) (0:59)
08 DSL - Padampam (Dub Mix) (3:41)
09 Metro Area - Orange Alert (DFA Remix) (1:48)
10 Scratch Massive - Seeing Is Believing (Frank Arbaretaz Remix) (3:00)
11 Scott Grooves - Mothership Reconnection (Daft Punk Remix) (3:54)
12 Charles Manier - Change You (2:13)
13 Feadz - Split Again (3:26)
14 Bergheim 34 - Random Access (B43 Original) (4:20)
15 Cassius - The Sound Of Violence (Reggae Rock Mix) (4:56)
16 Audio Bullys - Turned Away (Tony Senghore Electric Vocal Mix) (3:23)
17 Cassius - Thrilla (The Streets Remix) (3:07)

Cassius Present... French Disco '03

Cassius 15 Again

Cassius mix & more at this rather lovely site

More Cassius stuff

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Tony Vegas teaches you how to scratch

Found this out when going through the D-Rom Cd with the Vadim & Primecuts mix on it, he makes it look so easy! Sorry about the sound delay, dunno whats happened there!

History of Vinyl with Tony Vegas

A History of Tony playing Vinyl

Scratch Perverts Online

De La Soul & Parappa the Rapper - Say You Gotta Believe

Was so happy when this was thrusted into my hand when coming out of Fabric way back in May 2001, very cool picture 7" promoting the Playstation 2 game Parappa the Rapper 2, quite a cheesy tune but one to put a smile on your face! Check out the video!

De La Soul & Parappa the Rapper - Say You Gotta Believe

Unofficial De La Soul website

De La Soul tunes to buy on Froogle

Parappa the Rapper 2 website

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Monday, May 29, 2006

Mr Scruff - DJ Magazine Mix

Another Bank Holiday head-nodder from the man known to his mum as Andy Carthy, a short mix at 22:45 but well worth the listen! Given away with DJ Magazine issue 140 with a True Playaz 3 deck mix-up

1 DJ Vadim - Friction
2 Ugly Duckling - Fresh Mode
3 Aim - Journey To The End Of The Night
4 The Irresistible Force - Fish Dances (Remix By Plaid)
5 Mr. Scruff - Shanty Town

Mr Scruff - DJ Magazine Mix

Mr Scruff dot com

Mr Scruff's Shop

Mr Scruff Ninja Artist

Mr Scruff's Pet Care

Mr Scruff on Wikipedia

Orbital - The Bedroom Sessions

Here it is, another Bank Holiday of crap TV & wondering when its going to rain, better stick some home listening (i.e not too banging) mixes on! Classic Moving Shadow hardcore mixed up with dark breaks, punk and The Divine Comedy! Given away with the April 2002 issue of Mixmag.

01 Hyper On Experience - Disturbance (5:54)
02 Plump DJs - Remember My Name (6:42)
03 Koma & Bones - Fade In (The Programme) (6:43)
04 The Divine Comedy - Victoria Falls (3:59)
05 Stisch - JFK (4:44)
06 Dub Syndicate - Forever More (4:10)
07 Ubik - Ram Raid (4:51)
08 Eon - Basket Case (5:37)
09 Dark Globe - Some Say She's Retro (6:51)
10 Midi Rain - Crack Train (5:15)
11 Mouse On Mars - Frosch (4:09)
12 Mark Stewart And The Maffia - Liberty City (5:18)
13 The Specials - Nite Klub (3:11)
14 Severed Heads - Cyflea, Rated R (3:36)

Orbital - The Bedroom Sessions - official Hartnoll brothers website

Orbital Wikipedia

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Sunday, May 28, 2006

DJ Vadim & DJ Primecuts - D-Rom Exclusive Mix

Can't find any info about this mix, it came with a copy of DJ Magazine & is D-Rom Issue 3, anybody know anything about it? My copy came without a front cover! Is this it? Architects of the Great mix tape, as featured on Feb. 98 issue DJ magazine front cover CD

DJ Vadim & DJ Primecuts - D-Rom Exclusive Mix

Buy DJ Vadim at Ninjashop

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Don't think this is the same D-Rom as the CD! DJ Craze...

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Silver Bullet - 20 Seconds To Comply

Silver Bullet first hit the UK hip hop scene as part of Triple Element, who released a tune called 'What's Dat Sound' on Tam Tam records in 1988. After this, came, his debut as a solo artist 'Bring Forth The Guillotine' also on Tam Tam records, which was so successful that it prompted two other official remixes, one by Ben Chapman and the other by Norman Cook. '

After a two year gap and label switch from Tam Tam to Parlophone, Bullet released 'Undercover Anarchist' before releasing his debut and long awaited album 'Bring Down The Walls - No Limit Squad Returns' which was originally going to be called 'Hung, Drawn and Quartered'.

As well as featuring on many other artists records like Jonny L, Outcast (not THE Outkast), Monkey Mafia, Ben Chapman, to name a few, Silver Bullet relaunched himself as a solo artist onto the hip hop scene in 1998 as Silvah Bullet. Apparently, an album was recorded on Arthrob, but was never released.

Stuck in on a Saturday night (only cos I'm saving myself for tomorrow night!), what song is gonna cheer me up, Please put down your weapon, you have 20 Seconds To Comply!

Silver Bullet - 20 Seconds To Comply

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Always enough respect for Discogs

David Holmes - London Xpress

Free CD with 3 different mixes by Andrew Weatherall, Harvey & this one by David Holmes, given away with the NME back in 2000. A perfect laid back funky mix for the miserable bank holiday!

1 Family Of God - Family Of God
2 Joy Zipper - Check Out
3 David Holmes - Commercial Break
4 David Holmes - Hey Lisa
5 Keith Mansfield - Morning Broadway
6 Hot Butter - Getting Off
7 Fred Neil - Sweet Cocaine
8 Ella Fitzgerald - Sunshine Of Your Love

David Holmes - London Xpress

David Holmes website

David Holmes profile on the BBC's website

Froogle David Holmes

More places to buy David Holmes CD's

Friday, May 26, 2006

Georgie Fame - Beware of the Dog

Another one for the weekend from my Grandma's 7" collection, his No. 1 best sellers include, Yeh Yeh (the first recording that knocked The Beatles off the number one spot in the charts), Getaway and 1967’s The Ballad of Bonnie and Clyde, this being the B-Side to Bonnie & Clyde & one monster funky tune!

Georgie Fame - Beware of the Dog

Georgie's Website

Froogle Georgie

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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Breakbeat Era - Bullitproof (U.N.K.L.E Remix)

Put this up for sale on ebay but nobody bought it, am glad in a way because I can't remember hearing this mix before, anyone who knows the album Never, Never, Land will recognise the riff from "An Eye For An Eye". The Bristol, England-based drum'n'bass project Breakbeat Era was spearheaded by acclaimed producer Roni Size in tandem with DJ Die (also Size's collaborator in Reprazent) and singer Leonie Laws.

Breakbeat Era - Bullitproof (UNKLE Remix) is a bit deserted...

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Service Will Resume Shortly

Thanks for all the links to the site up to now
& Ninja Tune's Forum, am sorry about any problems with links to tracks, all should be sorted out now! Please let me know if they are not...

"You dun't get owt for nowt..."


One of the most played of the cover mount tapes was this one, classic Warp Record tracks mixed by Strictly Kev and PC a.k.a DJ Food. Given away free with issue 9 of Wax Magazine (December 1996) & sponsored by Grolsch (a mate of mine said that Grolsch tasted a "bit cabbagey"!)

1 Link - Amazon Amenity (Chameleon Remix)
2 Autechre - Anvil Vapre (Second Peng)
3 Seefeel - Tied
4 Nightmares On Wax - Back In Time
5 AFX - Children Talking
6 B12 - Soundtrack Of Space
7 Plaid - Yamemm
8 Link - Antacid (Jedi Knights Mix)
9 DJ Mink - Hey! Hey! Can U Relate
10 Sweet Exorcist - Clonk Freebass
11 Close Up Over - Caz
12 Nightmares On Wax - Sal Batardes
13 Seefeel - Spangle
14 LFO - Tied Up (Acid Mix)
15 LFO - Tied Up (Spiritualized Electric Mainline Mix)
16 Aphex Twin - Ventolin (Deep Gong Mix)


Buy stuff from Warpmart, it's all good!!!

The Wonderful World of Mixmaster Morris visits the Steel City club

Some crazy guy's ramblings about Sheffield found whilst Googling "Blech" (They are no way associated with any comments I would make about this beautiful city)

Clusterfunk - Do Me Right (Gazza Mix)

Can't find out much about Clusterfunk, although the vocals are performed by Maria Nayler who performed some tracks with Sasha & that they also released one more 12" on Ninja Tune. Another bargain bin classic, is this the one with the Tribe Called Quest sample?

Clusterfunk - Do Me Right (Gazza Mix)

Find the single on Froogle

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Bob Keene Orchestra - Comin' On Again

When my Grandma died I recieved a load of old 7"s & a Royal Doulton Dish with a picture of a butterfly on it that I bought for her returning from a trip to Austria with school skiing. The first records I decided to put on my ipod was a selection of these 7", nice to think of my Grandma dancing away to these tunes (probably just tapping her foot though!)
Can't find much out about the Bob Keene Orchestra, Barry White appears to have written the original Felice Taylor song "I Feel Love Coming On", this track being the b-side instrumental!

Bob Keene Orchestra - Comin' On Again

Buy the single & more from Froogle

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Culture Club - Do You Really Want to Hurt Me (dub version) (feat. Pappa Weasel)

Thought I'd put this one up for the weekend, good cheesy sunday listening although a rather cool dub mix with some toasting at the end by Papaa Weasle, record found in battered old sleeve but vinyl presenting as fine at a car boot sale!

Culture Club - Do You Really Want to Hurt Me (dub version) (feat. Pappa Weasel)

Culture Club Website

Buy the single

Friday, May 19, 2006

Clinton - Button Down Disco (Scratch Perverts Boil in the Bag Mix)

Not much info on Clinton except that they are former members of Cornershop, Brimful of Asha making them one hit wonders. The Scratch Perverts on the other hand...
Tony Vegas, Prime Cuts and Plus One are the Scratch Perverts - a name that has become synonymous with HipHop and battle DJing ever since their formation in 1996. Their reputation as one of the world’s most progressive DJ collectives is unparalleled; two consecutive World DMC Team titles, Plus One's World DMC Champion and World Vestax Champion titles, Prime Cut's back to back World ITF Scratching crowns, and countless showcases and gigs all over the world.

Clinton - Button Down Disco (Scratch Perverts Boil in the Bag Mix)

Scratch Perverts Website

Thanks to Lowlife for info

The Aloof - One Night Stand (The Long Night & The Samba)

Me & my mum heard this tune whilst in the car the day Princess Di died, not the most apt song to relate to my mother or Lady Di! Another 12" found in the bargain bin, excellent epic mix by Ashley Beedle. Full line up includes: Ricky Barrow- Vocals. Gary Burns- Keyboards, bass guitar. Jagz Kooner- Programming, enginering. Richard Thair- Drums, percussion. Dean Thatcher- Keyboards. After leaving The Aloof, Richard Thair went of to play drums for the group Red Snapper. Also Gary Burns, Jagz Kooner, and Dean Thatcher (along with Andrew Weatherall) make up the group Sabres of Paradise.

The Aloof - One Night Stand (The Long Night & The Samba)

Aloof CD's on Amazon

Aloof CD's on ebay

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Tom Middleton - Weekend Warm Up 1999

Tom Middleton - Jedi Knight, Global Communication, et al - is one of the best DJ's (in my opinion) around, he produced a CD for Mixmag around the same time to purchase, this cover mount CD from the July 1999 edition of Mixmag is far better, totally going across the dance music spectrum from Drum n Bass to classic house tunes to chill out, check this one out!

1 LTJ Bukem Music (6:29)
2 PFM One And Only (3:26)
3 DJ Krust Warhead (3:19)
4 Jonny L Piper (2:17)
5 Ed Rush & Optical Funktion (5:00)
6 Kenlou Bangin' (3:57)
7 Modaji Outboard Jeopardy (3:19)
8 Black Science Orchestra Save Us (3:16)
9 Jedi Knights Disco Magic (6:35)
10 Pete Heller Big Love (1:49)
11 Cricco Castelli Life Is Changing (4:13)
12 Deep Dish High Frequency (3:22)
13 DJ Sneak Can't Hide from Your Bud (5:33)
14 Armand Van Helden You Don't Know (7:14)
15 Shur-i-kan Naomi's Dream (6:18)

Tom Middleton - Weekend Warm Up 1999

Loads of info on Tom Middleton & Mark Prichard at Reload Online

Tom's website

Buy Tom Middleton mix CD's

Dillinger - Wood Woodpecker

Can't remember where I found this 12" plastered with "Limited Edition" over it, an old friend used to call me Woody for some reason & I associated this song with said nickname.

Dillinger, born Lester Bullocks on January 25, 1953, is a prominent reggae artist. Dillinger was part of the second wave of DJ Toasters who sprung up around Jamaica during the mid 1970s. Inspired by Big Youth, U Roy, and Dennis Alcapone, Dillinger was known for his quick wit and humourous lyrics.

As a youth growing up in Kingston, Jamaica, Dillinger would hang around Dennis Alcapone's El Paso Setup. This exposure would eventually lead to a full time gig at Jackie's sound system. Just as Alcapone took his performing name from a famous American gangster, Dillinger took his own name from John Dillinger.

Dillinger - Wood Woodpecker

Dillinger Discography & Info

Buy Dillinger CD's

Thanks to the wonderful Wikipedia for info!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Pigforce - Doin' Jobz 4Tha Mob (Richard Fearless Mix)

Dunno much about this band, the orignal appeared on the film "Face" but don't know much about that either! Another cracking remix from Death In Vegas' Richard Fearless, another 12" found years ago in the bargain bin!

Pigforce - Doin' Jobz 4Tha Mob (Richard Fearless Mix)

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Monday, May 15, 2006

Osymyso - 4am Eternal

Before I discovered the magical world of the bootleg & then entering the world of the mash-up mix myself I discovered this CD on the front of Mixmag without realising who it was, an excellent mix of laid back & groovy electronic tunes! Of course Osymyso went on to fame via his "Intro Inspection", a 12 minute mix of loads of song intros!

01 House Of The Jazz - Horse Opera (2:55)
02 µ-Ziq - The Hwicci Song (2:52)
03 Luke Vibert - Funky Acid Stuff (3:39)
04 Hexstatic - Kids Can Dance (3:11)
05 Si-{cut}.db - Advance Party (3:11)
06 Regular Fries - Brainticket (4 Tet Remix) (0:26)
07 Photon Wallet - Dropping Packets (4:34)
08 Hexstatic - Communication Breakdown (2:33)
09 Si Begg - Muchacha (3:49)
10 The Mellowtrons - Times Of The Signs (2:44)
11 Luke Vibert - Feel Real Mad (2:51)
12 Banabila - Voiz III (3:17)
13 Global Goon - Afterlife (3:15)
14 Isabel Waidner - Temporary Loss Of Balance (3:36)
15 Lost Weight - I Know (3:10)
16 People Like Us - Sugar & Splice (1:40)
17 Banabila - Milos Came By (1:46)
18 City - Your Life (4:14)

Osymyso - 4am Eternal

Osymyso's website

Osymyso stuff to buy from Froogle

Junior Reid - If I Dub (pts 1 & 2)

Found this 12" clear vinyl single on a market stall in Rotherham, can't find any reference to it on Discogs though! I feel that there is a bit of a Coldcut theme going off here because Junior appeared on one of their singles along with appearing with the Wu-Tang Clan!

Junior Reid - If I Dub (pts 1 & 2)

More info on Junior Reid

Buy reggae CD's including Junior Reid from the Greensleeves shop

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Coldcut - Acid Drops (Bomb The Mix)

I lived with a girl who had a load of records but no record player, don't ask me why! When going through my 7" singles I came across this in terrible condition, like its got a load of paint on it so I cleaned it up & tried to take all the surface noise out with Cool Edit - think have done an ok job but if anyone else has got any tips please let me know (I did it all automatic & about 3 times!) Anyway this is a classic 1988 acid house stomper featuring "Sweet Toothed Sonny" which apparantly is just an alias for Coldcut!

Coldcut - Acid Drops (Bomb The Mix)

Buy the 7"

Check out Ninja Tune for more information!

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Deadly Avenger - Ministry presents...B-Boy 2000

Free CD given away with the September 1999 issue of Ministry, now defunct magazine from the people behind the Ministry of Sound club in London. If anyone has heard his Fabric Mix CD this is well worth a listen!

1 Deadly Avenger King Tito's Gloves (5:01)
2 Bobby Hughes Sahara 72 (3:02)
3 DJ Format English Lesson (2:17)
4 Jadell Come On And Get Some (3:43)
5 Nine Bar Closing In (Richard Sen Remix) (2:06)
6 Rahzel All I Know (1:39)
7 Porn Theatre Ushers Me & Him (3:16)

Deadly Avenger - Ministry presents...B-Boy 2000

Deadly Avenger on the web

Buy Deadly Avenger stuff from Illicit Records

Buy Deadly Avenger stuff via Froogle

Gary Moscheles - Gary's House

Gary Moschelles "Shaped To Make Your Life Easier", an incarnation of Mike Paradinas (a.k.a µ-Ziq, Jake Slazenger, Kid Spatula, Tusken Raiders...) which will never be heard of again; "I think we have seen the last of Gary Moscheles..."
Why? This is one of the funkiest electronic albums relased (but so is the Jake Slazenger stuff which I feel is in a similar style). This track appeared on a bonus 7" which came with the album, also appearing as the last track on the CD. However am sure that the labels are mixed up on my 7", stating that this track is "Gary Goes Wild" which didn't appear on the CD. Am I right? Will post the other track soon (i.e. when this one isn't available anymore to download!)

Gary Moscheles - Gary's House

Cool interview with Mike back in 2001

Buy stuff by Mike from Froogle

More stuff about Mike on Wikipedia

Planet Mu Website

Super Collider - It Won't Be Long (Neil Landstrumm Remix)

Last year I discovered the amazing Jamie Lidell's album "Multiply" & managed to see him live - fantastic! Got this 7" from the front of Brixton based magazine Milesahead, another magazine I can't remember, I only used to buy them for the freebies! Loved this remix but never realised that Super Collider were Jamie Lidell & Christian Vogel - this remix makes use of Jamie's vocal talents in short snippets, always thought it was a sample from some old soul song!

Super Collider - It Won't Be Long (Neil Landstrumm Remix)

Buy Super Collider stuff

Check out for more Jamie Lidell downloads

Coldcut - Sexy Bits (& Pieces)

7" single of Ninja Tune artists given away with Jazid Magazine Issue 3 1996 (Cant remember the magazine at all!), this out-take from Coldcut's classic "Journeys by DJ's" makes you wonder where would they have put it in & why did they take it out?

Coldcut - Sexy Bits (& Pieces)

Buy the single

Friday, May 12, 2006

Indian Vibes - Mathar (Richard Fearless Remix)

Cool tune from back in 1998, a cover version no less! "Mathar" became (and remains) a huge club hit, and was recorded by Paul Weller (on Electric Sitar) under the guise of Indian Vibes for a now insanely rare French single on Yellow Productions (YP001M) in 1994. The Weller single was reissued in the UK on Virgin as a 12", and Pike’s original was released as a 12" (complete with techno remixes, no less) on Outcaste (Out9x). Clearly, this song’s rediscovery in the late 1980’s, and it’s subsequent fervor among rare groove and funk jazz fans has been instrumental in revitalizing Pike’s career. Still, the majority of the aforementioned reissues aren’t readily available to the masses.

Don't know if I ever listened to the Richard Fearless mix much, couldn't stop listening to the original! But I did check it out when going through my collection, nice dubby electronic mix!

Indian Vibes - Mathar (Richard Fearless Remix)

Check out more information on Dave Pike

Loads of places to buy Mathar on Froogle!

Crustation - Purple (La Femme D'Argent Mix)

Crustation is a Trip hop band, formed by Ian Dark, Stig Manley and Mark Taylerthe, three producers from Bristol. In the 80s they played in bands with Adrian Utley of Portishead. For their late Crustation songs they used the collaboration of female vocalist Bronagh Slevin. In 1994 they released two EPs under Cup of Tea Records (label of Monk & Canatella, Statik Sound System and Purple Penguin). Released their only album Bloom in 1997, under the name of Crustation with Bronagh Slevin. They do a mellow and dreamy trip hop.
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Bought this for the Mr. Scruff & Tribe Called Quest mixes & fell in love with this & the band Air (who remixed this), I'm sure this has a sample from one of Air's other songs, please tell me if you know!

Crustation - Purple (La Femme D'Argent Mix)

Find Crustation CD's on Froogle

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Leo Muller - Bobby & Betty go to the Moon

The "Bobby & Betty go to the Moon" LP originally appeared on the Pye-owned label "Marble Arch" in the late 60's. This "Happy House" record (Happy House HH506) was first released in the early 70's. Side one is a strange 'kiddies go to the moon' space story for the tots, performed by incredibly bad actors. It is filled with loads of 60's/70's sexism and it even has a "spacey" version of the "Blue Danube." Side two is 'The Party After Landing at Lunar Central.' The Soul Symphony must have been the house band at the party, because we are treated to "space-tweaked" versions of 'CC Rider' and 'Papa's Got a Brand New Bag' from the 'Symphony of Soul Hits' (1970) LP, which was released on Leo Muller's own "Gold Award" label. There has been some added flute and out of synch vibes, but the strings has been turned down (though you can still hear the bleed through in the quieter moments).
Found this album for 10p in a charity shop in Rotherham, thought it looked cool & would be an ideal piece for my self-proclaimed "Crap Record Collection", except most of the records in the collection were really cool. Sampled by loads of people, especially Wagon Christ on his album "Big Soup". Published on "Happy House Records" although these are no dodgy hardcore tunes! This cover of James Brown's "Papa's Got A Brand New Bag" is the gem of the whole album.

Bobby & Betty - Papa's Got A Brand New Bag

Buy the album here

Thanks to Ubuweb for info

Winston Turner & The Tufftones - Rastafari

Bought this four track 12" from a second hand shop in the Isle of Man, the biggest one I have ever been in, think it was an old airplane hanger! Would never have imagined that Reggae would have ever made it to the Isle of Man (obviously they didn't like it as I bought it for a pound!)
Cant find much out about The Tufftones & this single except Produced and mixed by Ossie Ranks, Recorded at 'One Watt' Studios, London 1986.

Winston Turner & The Tufftones - Rastafari

12" available from here!

Buy Trojan Records CD's

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Touche - Stable Manners

Cassettes were such a nightmare, the boxes were always crap & always broke, the cover tapes came in nice cardboard covers, except I always lost them! Given away free with DJ Magazine in 1996, nice Wall of Sound showcase mixed by the Wiseguy himself, Touché!

1 Wiseguys, The Casino 'Sans Pareil'
2 Dirty Beatniks More Danger
3 Propellerheads Go Faster
4 Naked All Stars Hot Pursuit
5 Akasha Brown Sugar (Les Rythmes Digitales Mix)
6 Mekon Welcome To Tackletown (Propellerheads Mix)
7 Hustlers Of Culture Runnin' Wild 'N' Free
8 Agent Provocateur Elvis Economics (Les Rythmes Digitales Mix)
9 Zoot Woman Chasing Cities

Stable Manners

Buy CD's by The Wiseguys

Wall of Sound on Wikipedia

Golden Claw Musics - Diggin' the Dancing Weed 10" Single

Golden Claw Musics was the main musical project of Graham Crabb after he left the band Pop Will Eat Itself in 1995. Crabb had been making music which was leaning more towards the Ambient genre and therefore too chilled for a PWEI release for up to five years prior to the split. In 1993 he remixed Pop Will Eat Itself's 'Get the Girl, Kill the Baddies' as a B-side called 'Part Man Part Machine', prompting him to release more of his ambient material. Another remix of Pop Will Eat Itself's song 'Cape Connection' was released on the limited 2CD edition of the album 'Two Fingers My Friends'. He released the album All Blue Review with Eno engineer Marcus Dravs on Infectious Records in July 1994 to critical acclaim. It has a distinctly 'aquatic' feel to it, with gentle waves crashing and whale noises (among other things) throughout. Sadly they have not released any more material to date.

I bought this classy orange vinyl 10" from Circles Records in Rotherham, the woman in there always stank of tuna & had crazy permed hair, this is the tune on it I loved the most...

Golden Claw Musics - Stoned

Buy the 10" Single

Cheers to Wikipedia for info

Check out more info at PWEINation

Hows it going at The Designers Republic?

Title to follow...

Why am I doing this blog? Cos I just bought an ipod & have been going through my (non-digital) music collection & have unearthed some gems that need to be shared with the world, will try to put something new on once or twice a week, mainly stuff free with magazines, obscure dance & indie & charity shop records.