Monday, December 18, 2006

Felix Da Housecat - Past...Present...And Future House And Electro

Sorry about "bigging" up the last post as some xmas party banger, hope this mix makes up for it! Given away free with the April 2005 issue of Mixmag

1 P. Diddy - Jack U (6:23)
2 Junior Sanchez - Last Dance (3:01)
3 Soulwax - E Talking (Nite Version) (2:35)
4 Franz Ferdinand - Matinee (Headman Remix) (5:19)
5 LCD Soundsystem - Disco Infiltrator (Mixmag Edit) (2:02)
6 Death From Above 1979 - Romantic Rights (Erol Alkan Remix) (4:28)
7 The Human League - The Sound Of The Crowd (3:09)
8 Aphrohead - In The Dark We Live (Dave Clarke Remix) (2:16)
9 Hell - Let No Man Jack (Dave Clarke Remix) (1:12)
10 Greenskeepers - Keep It Down (Radio Slave Dub) (6:48)
11 Felix Da Housecat - Ready To Wear (Paper Faces Remix) (3:31)
12 Felix Da Housecat - Watching Cars Go By (Sasha Remix) (9:39)
13 Grom - Love-Rocket (5:27)
14 Felix Da Housecat - Silver Screen Shower Scene (4:08)

Felix Da Housecat - Past...Present...And Future House And Electro

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Dub Dancehall Soundclash

Does what it says on the tin, just been digging in the crates and found this, wind up your body and shake some booty by sticking this on at your christmas party (and send everyone home except the stoners and dreads...)
Think this is a mix I did for Sarah a couple of summers ago.

Dub Dancehall Soundclash

Sorry about lack of tracklisting, remember it having The Clash, King Tubby, Horace Andy, that Sufferah song, some of them riddims (my head hurts, I should listen to it really...)

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Shonen Knife - Space Christmas

My favourite christmas song for you all...

Shonen Knife - Space Christmas

Shonen Knife's site

Will try and put some more christmas goodies on over the next few weeks!

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Erol Alkan presents One Louder

Given away free with Muzik back in July 2003.

Dear Muzik reader,
I've never made a mix CD before in my life. I didn't want to make a CD affilitated with to any club which I play at, and I couldn't make a CD all about me. So instead, this CD has a lot to do with a club that closed down a year ago. This is a tribute to One Louder. One Louder ran between 198 and 2002. In those four years we threw the total of just six parties, all of which were insane. Hope you like the disc.
Erol Alkan
x X x

01 Playgroup - Make It Happen (Zongamin Mix) (Edit) (2:19)
02 Mitsu - Hush (3:35)
03 Duran Duran - Girls On Film (Night Version) (5:24)
04 The Faint - The Conductor (Thin White Duke Remix) (Erol Alkan Re-Edit) (1:58)
05 Codec & Flexor - Crazy Girls Make My Heart Go Boom Boom (5:25)
06 Headman - It Rough (Chicken Lips Mix) (1:44)
07.a Goldfrapp - Train (Ewan Pearson Dub Mix) (4:48)
07.b Benny Benassi - Satisfaction (Acapella)
08 Grand Popo Football Club - Men Are Not Nice Guys (Goldrun Remix) (4:31)
09 Tom Gillieron and Ravi McArthur - Now It's Dark (4:11)
10.a Kiko - Italomatic (Kiko & The Hacker Remix) (4:33)
10.b Alex Gopher - Party People (Acapella)
11 Ferenc - Yes Sir I Can Hardcore (3:52)
12 Archigram - Doggystyle (1:18)
13 Uminski - Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger (3:51)

Erol Alkan presents One Louder


Erol Alken (My Space)

Footnote: I just don't have the time that I used to have (i.e. I've got off my fat arse and starting doing more stuff) but I will occasionally post stuff so keep watching! Plus I'm not going to be posting the mixes as a whole as before (now that my ipod's got gapless playback!!!), they're all individual tracks! Please let me know if there's any gaps between the tracks as I know they're a pain in the arse...

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Essential Skint

Free with Select Magazine back in January 1998, interesting to find out that The Mint Gun Club changed their name to Mint Royale!

1 Fatboy Slim - Santa Cruz (7:27)
2 Bentley Rhythm Ace - Why Is A Frog Too? (5:32)
Lo-Fidelity Allstars - Many Tentacles Pimping On The Keys (7:11)
4 Cut La Roc - Hip Hop Bibibbedy Bop Bop (5:38)

Midfield General - Go Off (7:03)
REQ - Cars, Girls, Money, Too (2:54)
7 Hip Optimist - Anafey (Half A Stinky Submarine Mix) (7:01)

Fatboy Slim - Everyone Needs A 303 (Original Radio Edit) (3:43)
9 Hardknox - Fire Like Dis (5:39)

10 Sparky Lightbourne - I Laugh At My Tomorrows (7:27)

Bassbin Twins - 2 Turntables And A Crate Of Skint (7:04)
The Mint Gun Club - Eels (5:29)

Essential Skint

Skint Records

Saturday, October 28, 2006

The Chemical Brothers - NME Dust Up

So as I ressurect the site (in a slow and haphazard manner so beware!) here's the mix that kickstarted it all and is re-posted by request, given away back in December 1994 and mixed by The Chemical Brothers under The Dust Brothers moniker.

NME Dust Up

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Pump Up The Volume Remix

Sorry bout the lack of posting, have been trying to upload tunes all week with not much success! So to test things out here's a mash-up from way back that I did of MARRS "Pump Up The Volume" with Public Enemy's "Bring The Noise" & some other stuff!

Pump Up The Volume Remix

Hopefully service will resume shortly after I've scratched my head for days & eventually stumble across the problem! (Still struggling guys...)

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Renaissance - A Decade Of Dance: Mixed By Nigel Dawson

Sorry about the lack of posting over the last few days, been making most of the weekend and the weather! Went to see Lottie at Plug (if you were there I was the one with the hat on! I was looking after it for a mate, honest!) & Little John's grave at Hathersage! So, in a totally unrelated mix (cos I can't be arsed to go up to the "library" and choose anything & this is downstairs...) here's an new to old school mix given away with Muzik back in September 2002.

Nigel Dawson is a DJ known for his definitive house sets varying from the deeper and subtle music to the full on progressive and has built a solid reputation working with the likes of Cream, Ministry of Sound and, of course, Renaissance.

In 1992 Renaissance was in it's infancy. Residents were Sasha and Digweed esteemed company to say the least, making it one of the hardest stages on which to make an impression, but impress Nigel did and it forged his own residence which has survived to this day.

The scenario is familiar guest DJ fails to show, young and unknown there is Nigel on hand willing to fill in, young DJ rocks it, consequently, young DJ goes onto glittering DJ and production career. However familiar this scenario is it rarely, if ever happens, but in Nigel Dawson's case it is.

Along the way this talent and penchant for hard work has established him as a regular on the UK club circuit this includes The Tunnel, The Pod, Lush, Slinky to name but a few. He has become the cornerstone of the long running successful night at The Cross in London as sole resident but also can be found playing at Media in Nottingham to his and their home crowd on a regular basis.

If that weren't enough he also guests at many of the clubs in the UK and Worldwide and as a result Nigel is now established an impeccable global reputation. International dates include : Australia, South Africa, USA, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Ibiza, Canada, Russia, China, Amsterdam Luxemburg, Switzerland, Spain, Greece, Belgium. Following months this is to expand further to Mexico, Canada, Brazil, Finland and France.

In 1996 Nigel made the logical progression into studio production. From this his pseudonym "Dominion" was born and his first track soon found a home on Whoop Records. Entitled " The Gate ", it was an instant success with the progressive mafia and was included on the Renaissance four compilation featuring Dave Seaman and lan Ossia. "Creation" also was included on Renaissance's Singapore compilation mixed by Dave Seaman.
biog at

01 Heller & Farley - Rising Sun (Danny Tenaglia Remix) (6:43)
02 Morel - True (The Faggot Is You) (Deep Dish Mix) (8:28)
03 Science Department - Breathe (Lexicon Avenue Vocal Remix) (7:43)
04 Finger Fest Inc. - Autoporno (Original Mix) (4:44)
05 Dr. Atomic - Schudelfloss (Mix 2) (5:28)
06 Who Dem Guyz? - We Can Make It (Bump UK Club Mix) (7:39)
07 Pete Lazonby - Wavespeech (Tilt's Mainline Remix) (8:12)
08 Human Movement - Traveller's Theme (3:38)
09 Secret Knowledge - Ooh Baby (5:04)
10 Breeder - The Chain (5:59)
11 Rejuvination - Requiem (5:43)

Renaissance - A Decade Of Dance: Mixed By Nigel Dawson


Renaissance Store

Friday, July 28, 2006

Erick Morillo - Subliminal Sessions Classics

Classics being the operative word with this excellent mix given away with Mixmag back in June 2005.
As a producer Morillo has been responsible for a bewildering array of tracks, under pseudonyms that include Ministers De la Funk, The Dronez (a project alongside Harry 'Choo Choo' Romero and Jose Nunez, which won the trio the remixer of the year award in 2001), RAW, Smooth Touch, RBM, Deep Soul, Club Ultimate and Li'l Mo Ying Yangamongst others. As a DJ, he's played the world over and from his legendary Subliminal Session parties at Pacha in Ibiza, to his roadblock events at the Crobar in Miami, Erick approaches everything he does with an unrivaled work hard/play hard mentality. "I'm a workaholic," he admits. "Sometimes I'll be in the studio 24/7 - but when it comes to enjoying myself I can keep up with the best of them. At Radio 1's party in Miami this year I was standing on top of the bar, two Tequila bottles in my hands just pouring it into clubbers' mouths. That was a good night!" Raised in Colombia, then New Jersey, Erick was weaned on a musical diet of Latin rhythms, reggae, and hip hop. Having started DJing at the age of 11 and securing himself several gigs playing friends and families' weddings, he decided to take a studio engineering course at the local Center of Media Arts. He was soon inducted into the house fraternity through his friend Marc Anthony (the Salsa King), while he was working with Louie Vega and Kenny "Dope" Gonzalez on "Ride On The Rhythm". "Louie's kinda watched out for me since the beginning," smiles Erick. "He never really told me how I should do things, he's just always been supportive." After somehow scraping together enough equipment for a studio, the young Morillo tentatively approached labels such as Nervous and Strictly Rhythm with his fledgling productions. He was rewarded with little more than a string of rejections. It was only when he presented Strictly with a track called "The New Anthem", under the moniker Reel 2 Reel, that they began to really sit up and take notice. After signing 'The New Anthem' Erick quickly followed it with the classic "I Like To Move It," a track that set up camp in the pop charts throughout the world, going platinum in Holland and gold in the UK, Germany, France, Belgium in Australia - giving the young producer his first taste of touring in Europe.Flush with success, but determined to keep his head and music firmly in the underground ("It's where I come from, where I always go back to") he notched up a pair of Billboard #1's with Smooth Touch's "In My House" and his sublime collaboration with buddy Louie Vega, Li'l Mo' Ying Yang's "Reach." In 1997 Morillo launched Subliminal Records with his production partners Harry Romero and Jose Nunez, after spending almost a year meticulously planning everything from logos to packaging, making sure that even the smallest details of the look, feel, and function of the label were to his satisfaction. Guided by Morillo's ear and studio presence, and bolstered by his equally able teammates, the Subliminal brand has gone on to become synonymous with a funky, soulful sound that's as underground as it is party-ready. "I wanted to create a label that was known for quality music," explains Erick. "I wanted people to be able to go into a store, buy a Subliminal track and know that they've got a quality record." Seven years later and Subliminal has over 100 releases under its belt, ranging from full-on radio smashes like Who Da Funk's "Shiny Disco Balls" to underground classics like Ministers de la Funk "Believe". It was voted Best Label at the Muzik Awards in both 1999 and 2000, that's not to mention the indispensable Subliminal Sessions compilation series, which showcase the label's developing artists and sound, or the label's imprints Sondos, Subliminal Soul, Bambossa and SUBUSA, which cater for everything from tough, tribal beats to rock-house cocktails.
Biog from

01 Constipated Monkeys - Cro-Magnon
02 MD Xpress - God Made Me Phunky
03 Astrotrax - The Energy
04 Mongobonix - Mas Pito
05 Masters At Work - To Be In Love
06 Nuyorican Soul - Runaway (Armand Van Helden's Mongoloids In Space Remix)
07 Ministers De La Funk - Believe (Vocal Mix)
08 Da Mob featuring Jocelyn Brown - It's All Good (Full Intention Mix)
09 CZR featuring Darryl Pandy - Bad Enough
10 Pianoheadz - Distortion
11 Alan Braxe - Vertigo
12 Jaimy & Kenny D - Keep On Touchin' Me

Erick Morillo - Subliminal Sessions Classics

Subliminal Store

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Alex P & Brandon Block - Big Messy Summer

Does what it says on the tin - had a bloody nightmare trying to post this (2nd time lucky!), lets hope things only get messier for the better! Given away free with the August 2002 issue of Ministry magazine.
Brandon Block and Alex P are legends in clubland. Notorious for their substance intake, famed for their antics and even occasionally enjoyed for their DJing, it’s no surprise that they jointly won last year’s Muzik magazine award for Caner Of The Year. Of the two, Brandon Block seems most willing to push his luck – he’d already won the Muzik award twice - but Alex P can certainly hold his own in the hedonism stakes. They first met in the late eighties at Haven Stables in Ealing, where Block had a residency. They didn’t see each other again until 1991 when, the story goes, Alex stole a bus from outside Pacha in Ibiza and, off his face, drove it to San Antonio where he turn up at the door of Block’s apartment. Soon after, the two set up an impromptu party on the terrace – then used as the cloakroom - of the Space club. The terrace at Space has since become part of the fabric of Ibiza, much like Block and P themselves. Since then they’ve always been something of a double act, although they DJ individually just as much as they do together. They released a record as Pee Zee & Blocko called Release Yourself on the shortlived Two's Company label and together have amassed a bizarre catalogue of remixes, including Mandy Smith’s Just Can't Wait and rap group Black Sheep’s North, South, East, West. Then there’s the Friday night show on Kiss 100 FM, Peeze and Blocko's House, and the joint Ibiza residencies at pretty much every venue on the island over the years. As DJs, they’re no purists and will play anything that works on the dancefloor, which usually means full-on party anthems from the word go.
Thanks to DJ Profile!

1 TDI - Lick Da Punk
2 Reckless - Still In The Groove

Midnight Society - Strange Shades of Light
4 Horsejam - Crow

5 Cheech - Rocksteady

Sneaker Pimps - Blood (Dark Monks Remix)
7 Milo - Jungle Of Mirrors

8 Sidekicks - Tricks

9 Marco Bellini - Dirty

10 Squential - Que Lindo

Capoeira Twins - Lose Control (Ian Wilkie Mix)
12 TDI - Illusion

Freq Nasty - Fresh

Alex P & Brandon Block - Big Messy Summer

Brandon's site

Peezee's site

Monday, July 24, 2006

Naked Ibiza - The Salinas Beach Mix by Jon Sa Trincha

I wish I was at the beach in this damn fine hot weather! This is the nearest I can get to it (at the moment)! Given away free with the July 2000 issue of Mixmag.
Jon Sa Trincha has THE best job in the world. Every summer he DJs to the cream of Ibiza's party people on Salinas - the notorious nudist beach hidden in the middle of a nature reserve. A vibrant mix of cosmopolitan Europeans, funki dreads & butt-naked hippies gather at the Sa Trincha bar to soak up the sun & let it all hang out to Jon's breezy, seductive house grooves. This mix is a taste of the alternative side of Ibiza. Bring on the sun. Julian Rolfe, Mixmag

1 Aydin The Funki Chile - This? (9:37)
2 Sven Van Hees - Tsunami (Inside My Soul) (Richard's Remix) (7:25)
3 The Hydraulic Dogs - Shake It For Me (7:09)
4 Joakim Lone Octet - Sphinx (Next Evidence Remix) (4:20)
5 Bob Sinclar - Favelas (6:07)
6 Nick Holder - Summer Daze 99 (6:17)
7 DJ Deep - Inner Peace (Dub Mix) (5:13)
8 Sammy & Wore - Crystal Dreams (5:22)
9 STP - Things Unsaid (6:04)
10 DJ Q - San Francisco (6:06)
11 Silicone Soul - Right On 4 Tha Darkness (5:49)

Naked Ibiza - The Salinas Beach Mix by Jon Sa Trincha

Jon Sa Trincha biog & mixes at Dancetrippin


Saturday, July 22, 2006

Gatecrasher: The Summer Sound System 2002 Mixed By 'Little Louie' Vega

Yay! It's raining! Therefore in true festival spirit, here's the cover mount from the July 2002 issue of Ministry magazine, nice to see that 'Crasher is representing something different to their trademark trance shite!

“Little Louie” Vega is the Miles Davis of dance music. Like the impossible to categorize Davis, Vega is constantly reinventing himself and revolutionizing music itself in the process. During his nearly two-decade long career, Vega has crafted some of the most innovative singles in dance music history (“The Nervous Track”, “It’s Alright”, “I Feel It” and “You Can Do It”), kick started genres like soulful house (“Beautiful People,” “I Get Lifted”), and revitalized the careers of legends like Roy Ayers, George Benson and Tito Puente.
Louie Vega Biography

1 François K - Awakening
2 Tom & Joyce - Queixume (MAW Mix - Main Vocal)
3 Los Soneros Del Barrio - Hey Craneo (Urban Magic 12" Mix)
4 B.O.P. - Zimbi Indaba
5 Los Amigos Invisibles - Bruja
6 Mambana - No Reason
7 Masters At Work - Backfired
8 Louie Vega & Jay 'Sinister' Sealée - Diamond Life (Masters At Work Mix)
9 Masters At Work - Body
10 Octave One - Blackwater (Full Strings Intstrumental)
11 Peven Everett - I Can´t Believe I Loved Her

Gatecrasher: The Summer Sound System 2002 Mixed By 'Little Louie' Vega

Gatecrasher dot com

Masters At Work Store

Friday, July 21, 2006

Erick Morillo Presents "The Summer Sound Of Subliminal" Mixed by Richard F

It's been hot. Damn hot. Therefore too hot to blog, hence a lack of activity over the last few days (plus I've been working loads & still am). So, here's the Summer Sound of Subliminal from the September 2000 issue of Muzik.

Born in Florida USA, Richard Fite started his career in house music at the age of 13. He started out spinning throughout Florida, but went to Los Angeles CA after some while. He started doing mix-shows on KGGI 99.7FM, which turned into a popular show. Though Richard experimented with Techno, Progressive and Breaks in the early '90's, he stayed true to house. After a few guest dj appearances on Californian radio shows he found himself instrumental to the growing club (house) scene in souther California. From this point on he evolved into a producer and remixer, as well as being a DJ.
Cheers Discogs!

1 Mongobonix - Mas Pito
2 Richard F. - Feels So Strong
3 The Mob - It's All Good (Full Intention Mix)
4 Harry "Choo Choo" Romero - Beats Vol 1 (Beetle Mix)
5 Mongobonix - I Will (Congobonix Dub)
6 Bob Sinclar - I Feel For You (Accappella)
7 Tanga Chicks feat. Dimitri & Tom Brazil - Over Zurich (Original Mix)
8 Botella Project - Sensual Confessions (The Club Dub Mix)
9 OnePhatDeeva - Bad Habit (Accappella)
10 House Republic - Stand Up
11 The Pianoheadz - Distortion (Harry's Trifling Bitch Mix)

Erick Morillo Presents "The Summer Sound Of Subliminal" Mixed by Richard F

Subliminal Records Website

Subliminal Shop @ Recordstore

Monday, July 17, 2006

Freeform Five - Bisous Bisous (Pink)

2nd CD of the Bisous Bisous mix given away free to the 1st 100 people to sign up for the Freeform Five website.

1. Red Astaire - Follow Me
2. Four Tet - As Serious As Your Life (Jaydee Remix)
3. Erykah Badu - I Want You
4. Missy Elliott - Pass That Dutch (Instrumental)
5. Freeform Five - Electromagnetic (Freeform Reform Dub)
6. Talking Heads - Burning Down The House
7. The Micronauts - Jag
8. Max Sedgley - Happy
9. Fabolous - Not Give A Fuck
10. Wayne Wonder - No Letting Go (Instrumental)
11. Kelis - Milkshake (Acappella)
12. Bounty Killer - Sufferah
13. Mia - Galang (Instrumental)
14. Larry Levan - Laugh
15. Funkadelic - Untitled
16. Mr. Vegas - Pull Up (Acappella)
17. Samantha King - Take A Chance
18. The Rapture - Sister Saviour (DFA Mix)
19. J Walter Negro And Loose Joints - Shoot The Pump
20. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Bang
21. La Funk Mob - Motorbass Get Phunked Up (Richie Hawtin Remix)
22. Cesaria Evora - Angola (Carl Craig Mix)
23. J.A.M. - Number One
24. LCD Soundsystem - Losing My Edge
25. Mylo - Paris Four Hundred
26. Mylo - Muscle Cars
27. Mylo - Muscle Cars (Freeform Reform Acappella)
28. Jackson - Radio Caca
29. The Rolling Stones - Undercover Of The Night
30. Captain Comatose - 100$ (French Version)
31. Freeform Five - Easy

Freeform Five - Bisous Bisous (Pink)

Loads of Freeform Five mp3's to search for at Beatport

Buy Freeform Five vinyl & CD's at Juno

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Not Forgotten: Greatest Dancefloor Moments 1990-2000

Given away free with the February 2000 issue of Mixmag.
What is it with certain tunes, that they can take you right back to the important moments of your life? This album is dedicated to those kind of tracks, the ones that make you go, "Oooh, remember this one?" They're the tunes we measure our clubbing lives by.
Some of them, like the Stone Roses' "Fools Gold" or Moby's "Go", were huge chart hits in their day. Others, like Isolée's "Beau Mot Plage", never made it onto radio playlists or had videos made to promote them, but they're still the kind of tunes that have that elusive power to stick to the brain like memory glue.
So forget your cheesy big-hits albums and get your ears around this, chock-a-block with those tunes we really love. Not forgotten? Not by us anyway.
Matthew Kershaw, Music Editor, Mixmag

1 The Stone Roses - Fool's Gold (9.53) (3:13)
2 Isolée - Beau Mot Plage (Heaven & Earth Re-Edit) (6:03)
3 Faze Action - In The Trees (3:29)
4 F.U.S.E. - Substance Abuse (4:25)
5 808 State - Cübik (3:03)
6 LTJ Bukem - Horizons (7:07)
7 T Power vs. MK-Ultra - Horny Mutant Jazz (4:39)
8 Micky Finn & Aphrodite - Bad Ass (5:54)
9 E-Z Rollers - Walk This Land (3:08)
10 Moby - Go (3:27)
11 Outlander - Vamp (4:55)
12 Liquid - Sweet Harmony (2:56)
13 N.R.G. - He Never Lost His Hardcore (3:41)
14 CJ Bolland - Mantra (4:32)
15 Energy 52 - Café Del Mar (Three 'N One Mix) (3:25)

Not Forgotten: Greatest Dancefloor Moments 1990-2000

The Best of Mixmag Live

Given away free with the September 1997 issue of Mixmag, each track taken from one of the 1st 23 volumes of Mixmag live.
Mixmag Live burst into life in 1991. Back then, market stalls and independent dance shops across the country were meeting the demand for DJ mix tapes - bootlegs to you and me, pal. Entrepreneurial types with access to a DAT machine and the spare output from the DJ's mixer were churning them out like nobody's business. We've all got one or two in our collection somewhere and let's face it, apart from the sound quality some of them were pretty good. They at least helped to explain to our still unenlightened friends just exactly what we were banging on about when we talked of DJs in revered terms. As artists.
The problem was of course, was that the artists weren't getting paid. The DJ often didn't know that he or she was being recorded. The record producers didn't even get credited on the badly photocopied cassette inlay, let alone get any dosh. And the punters were buying some very lo-fi recordings on rusty-looking tapes that always seemed to chew up in your car stereo half-way through your favourite breakdown.
So we did something about it. Dave Seaman and Carl Cox put together two sparkling mixes for "Mixmag Live Volume 1". Everyone got paid, the DJs, the producers, the songwriters. And the people who bought the first tape, mail order from this magazine's erstwhile HQ in Slough, were buying a bit of history. It was the worlds first ever legal DJ mix compilation. It didn't screw up your dad's hi-fi. You could finally read the name of the artist who had made that tune you'd been trying to hum to bewildered shop assistants for two months. And it had something in common with every subsequent volume of Mixmag Live since: it fucking rocked.
Jake Mansell - Label Manager, Mixmag Live

Intro - Dupree - Brass Disk (Brassapella Mix)
1 Sheer Bronze - Walking On (Fire Island Mix)(5:46)
2 DJ Sneak - You Can't Hide From Your Bud (2:56)
3 Helicopter - On Ya Way (1:59)
4 Dupree - Brass Disk (Bring The Madness Version) (3:24)
5 Paperclip People - Throw (3:05)
6 Country & Western - Positive Energy (Hanson & Nelson Remix) (2:39)
7 Brothers Love Dubs - Mings Incredible Disco Machine (Big Baaad Ming Mix) (1:33)
8 The Future Sound Of London - Papua New Guinea (12" Original) (2:49)
9 Loveland - Let The Music (Lift You Up) (4:39)
10 Gat Decor - Passion (Naked Mix) (2:12)
11 Jaco - Show Some Love (Original Dub Remix) (4:07)
12 Energy 52 - Café Del Mar (Three 'n One Remix) (6:41)
13 2 Bad Mice - Bombscare (1:42)
14 Joey Beltram - Energy Flash (2:56)
15 F.U.S.E. - Substance Abuse (2:04)
16 Second Phase - Mentasm (1:37)
17 DJ Skull - Target Kill (1:59)
18 Aphrohead - In Dark We Live (Thee Lite) (Dave Clarke's 313 Mix) (2:15)
19 Roni Size - It's A Jazz Thing (Electric Boogie Mix) (3:35)
20 Deep Blue & Blame - Re-Transitions (2:15)
21 Funky Technicians - Airtight (3:35)
22 The Orb - Blue Room (2:15)
23 Dubtribe Sound System - Mother Earth (3:21)

The Best of Mixmag Live

Mixmag Live Website

Mixmag Live CD's & Tapes on ebay

Or buy Mixmag Live via Froogle

Friday, July 14, 2006

The Wiseguys - Wall Of Sound Essentials

Some definite "essentials" in this mix by Touché, given away with Muzik magazine back in May 2000.
UK hip-hop and big beat outfit the Wiseguys started as a duo, but is now one man, Touché, aka Theo Keating. Hip-hop obsessives, Touché and Regal met while at college in Clerkenwell, London. Regal was working with the Direct Current MCs and Touché joined through a mutual friend. They released an independent single, "Keep In Step" in 1990 and began to assemble primitive pieces from the breakbeat tracks they had collected, using record decks and a tape recorder. In 1992, Regal and Touché began to work on tracks for Solo E, who was managed by Rene Gelston, head of the Blackmarket International label. Gelston liked what he heard and asked them to record for the label. In 1994, as the Wiseguys, they released the EP Ladies Say Ow!. It received support from high profile DJs on London's booming acid jazz/hip-hop scene, such as Gilles Peterson and Patrick Forge. The newly-formed label, Wall Of Sound licensed "The Real Vibes' for its first Give "Em Enough Dope compilation, and released the double a-side, "Nil By Mouth"/"Too Easy', in April 1995. An old friend of Touché's, New York City-based rapper, Sense Live, provided rhymes for the Wiseguys" second album The Antidote, released in August 1998.
Touché is a popular DJ on the big beat scene in Europe, usually working as part of the Wall Of Sound collective of DJs/artists. He has also supported labelmates Propellerheads on tour, and enjoyed commercial success in May 1999 with the UK number 2 single "Ooh La La". The song originally peaked outside the Top 50 in summer 1998, but was picked up second time around thanks to its extensive use in a television advertisement for Budweiser lager.

1 Zoot Woman - Chasing Cities (E-Klektik's Death Disco Mix)
2 Akasha - Crazy Baby (Groove Armada's Presque Celebre Mix)
3 Ceasefire - Trickshot
4 The Wiseguys - Better World Part 2
5 Propellerheads - Comintagetcha
6 Les Rythmes Digitales - Jacques Your Body (Make Me Sweat)
7 The Strike Boys - Jet Set (The Micronauts Remix)
8 Wreckage Inc. - Chase (The Strike Boys Mix)
9 Dirty Beatniks - The New Adventures Of Sandy & Bud
10 Mekon - Welcome To Tackletown (Propellerheads Mix)
11 Pascal R - Killing
12 Psycho Cowboys - Come On Baby
13 Themroc - The Boy Can't Take It

The Wiseguys - Wall Of Sound Essentials

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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Jockey Slut - Jukebox

Nine rare & exclusive tracks in celebration of the 5th Birthday issue on Jockey Slut, given away free with the Feb/March 1998 issue!
In the final weeks of Jockey Slut, the editorial team were frantically looking to new methods of attracting readers. Their brainstorming was relentless, but so often they were taking the right approach. Their aim was to strategically link the magazine to the website and vice-versa. One was only half of the full picture. Live streaming on the site, but accessible via codes found in the magazine, and no duplication of magazine content on the site. Sure, they were making readers go out and buy the physical Jockey Slut, but still they were exploring the web as a new medium - taking it slowly, and building towards a coherent, accessible, communal site that would have enabled them to eventually phase out the magazine and it’s high overheads. Sadly for the Jockey Slut team, they were not given enough time to implement their ideas fully.

David Holmes - Mosh It (7:09)
2 Propellerheads - Lethal Cut (6:12)
3 Lionrock - Electro Under Pressure (4:36)
4 Primal Scream - Stuka Seven (7:02)
5 Two Lone Swordsmen - Slutloop (5:01)
6 The Chemical Brothers - Life Is Sweet (Daft Punk Remix) (8:37)
7 Gabrielle - Forget About The World (Daft Punk Remix) (6:48)
8 Underworld - Dirty (11:17)
9 Howie B. - Nordleed (4:28)

Jockey Slut - Jukebox

In association with Rizla, Daft Trax, Deconstruction, Go Beat, Junior Boys Own, Virgin, Wall of Sound and Warp

Roger Sanchez - The Global House Experience

CD given away with the June 2000 issue of Mixmag.
"This CD is very representative of the darker elements in my live sets. It has energy and vocals with tribal overtones and is funky as hell. As all Jedi Knights should know - there's always a dark side to the force!" Roger Sanchez

1 Martin Landsky - Bloodhound (3:50)
2 Groove Armada - I See You Baby (Futureshock Strip Down) (4:41)
3 DJ Q - 100 Not Out (5:17)
4 Kingsize Funk - Release The Pressure (Doc & Sneak's Defiant Mix) (1:50)
5 Johnny Corporate - Sunday Shoutin (5:21)
6 Bob Sinclar - The Ghetto (Ian Pooley Remix) (4:25)
7 Hollis P. Monroe - We'll Be Together (Ar's Neighborhood Dub) (3:33)
8 The People Movers - Can I Get Some (4:02)
9 Milton Jackson - Hold Me Close (6:06)
10 The Hydraulic Dogs - Shake It For Me (4:38)
11 Box Office - Just Leave Me (Roger's R-Senal Mix) (5:35)
12 Big Man - Big Man (4:36)
13 Jark Prongo - Sweet Little Thing (5:20)
14 Kerri Chandler - Coro (Kaoz 6:23 Mix) (3:52)
15 Roger Sanchez - I Never Knew (S-Man's R-Senal Dub) (4:30)

Roger Sanchez - The Global House Experience

Roger Sanchez presents... Release Yourself

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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Allister Whitehead & Dave Seaman - Zeitgeist: New Directions

CD given away with the December 1997 issue of Mixmag, a showcase for Stress & their sister label Related.

Allister Whitehead began his DJing career way back in 1987 at the tender age of 17 - no surprise unconventional. Starting out in his hometown of Nottingham, Allister took up a residency at the Koolkat, where he often played next to the ubiquitous Graeme Park on Saturday nights. His growing reputation quickly led to another residency, at the seminal club Venus, but the biggest break came when he covered a spot at the Hacienda, standing in for Mike Pickering of M People. On the strength of this one night alone, he began his third residency. So now the story of our new Qaraj'ic master begins to unfold in earnest...

He achieved cult status at the Golden (he was actually the first guest DJ they had ever booked), which was voted cub of the year in 1993. Yet another residency swiftly followed, at Cream, where Allister found his largest following yet. His national status was further cemented with regular spots at Ministry of Sound, Gatecrasher, and just about every club in between. Having proved his worth as a premier league DJ the time came for Allister to develop the Zero-G club in Nottingham. Regular crowds of 1500+ were attracted, as his Saturday nights were exclusive to this baby...his demand to play at other clubs the length and breadth of the country was of course, a natural consequence.

He was truly established as a household name worldwide with the Gold selling Fantazia album 'The House Collection 3' which was then, the biggest selling DJ compilation ever. The floodgates then opened to a new era of compilation sales becoming a dominating component of the dance music industry. Allister has since gone on to achieve 3 more Gold and 2 Silver albums with compilation for Fantazia and Ministry of Sound.

Nowadays Allister is undisputedly one of the UK's most prolific House DJs. He can be seen in the UK's most respected clubs, like Shindig in Newcastle, Lovezoo in Nottingham, The Zap in Brighton and Cream events, which regularly boasts the country's highest attendance figures. Committed to a punishing schedule, he has been known to travel to up to four countries in one week. He's travelling further a field than ever before, working in some of the finest clubs in the world in America, Asia, Australia and Europe.

1 OST - The Spy Who Dubbed Me - Part Two (6:34)
2 Superstars Of Rock - Strobelight Seranade (A Man Called Adam Danceteria Remix) (6:39)
3 Genetica - Antiskate (5:19)
4 Almighty Beatfreakz - Leone (5:00)
5 Innerself - Alive (5:55)
6 Music Is...Interlude (1:01)

Allister Whitehead - Zeitgeist: New Directions

Resident Advisor - Allister Whitehead

Allister Whitehead tunes to buy on Froogle

Most DJs fall into club-life by accident due to their love of music. Not Dave Seaman. He decided he wanted to become a DJ when he was eight years old – and Played his first gig at 12. All his DJ dreams have long since come true, but he’s never lost his enthusiasm or his creative drive. Seaman has headlined clubs on every continent – he is one of the UK’s most travelled, most creative, and most celebrated DJs in the world. In Japan he was photocopied in a life-sized Xerox for a Levi’s advert; in Australia he presented an episode of the BBC’s Choice World Clubbing programme and was later profiled for Channel 4’s 4DJ series. His Global Underground mix albums have come from Melbourne, Cape Town and Buenos Aires.

He’s DJed for a Stella McCartney birthday party, got drunk with Robbie Williams, and lived in New York. As half of Brothers In Rhythm, he produced for Kylie Minogue & the Pet Shop Boys, remixed U2, Michael Jackson and Dido. He was the defining first editor of Mixmag and a resident DJ at Shelley’s, the legendary acid house club that launched the career of Sasha. He was there at the beginning of the British dance music revolution and he’s still one of its leading proponents today, his contagious enthusiasm unabated despite this glittering career.

Today Dave Seaman is more energized than ever - because he recognizes that British dance music, having gone back to its underground roots after a period of upheaval, is entering a renaissance. Outside of the mainstream, away from the UK’s transient pop-culture fashions, cool new scenes are forming in cities all over the UK. “We’re entering a new phase. Dance music in the UK needed to implode - the great acid house detox,” Seaman says. “We shed all the dead wood and hangers on. I feel like I’m starting again almost. It’s very exciting.”

1 Genetica - Retrospace (5:56)
2 Palefield Mountain - Theme From PM3 (3:51)
3 Palefield Mountain - Sun Under Water (2:36)
4 Superstars Of Rock - Orange Sunshine (Acappella) (4:16)
5 Desert - Sonic Boom (4:48)
6 Genetica - Future Past (Beats) (1:15)
7 Manitou - Waiting (6:02)
8 Assassins Of Sound - Slipping In And Out Of Conciousness (5:18)

Dave Seaman - Zeitgeist: New Directions

Dave Seaman's site

Dave Seaman CD mixes to buy on Froogle

Harvey - London Xpress

As promised (& requested!), the third part of the London Xpress CD, a laid back electronic mix by DJ Harvey.

Harvey's long involvement in and love of music began at the tender age of 13 when he and two older friends formed a new wave band called 'Ersatz' (Cheap Substitute) who recorded their first track in 1978. By 1981 he had moved on to a new band imaginatively titled 'Your Dinner' which harvey describes as having a madness vibe with more satirical lyrics! He also at this time set up a label called 'Leisure Sounds' to release their material as well as offerings from the other aspiring bands they were collaborating.

This early involvement with music burgeoned through his love of drums into experimenting with breakbeats and tired & disillusioned with the live music scene, he began to himself in his growing collection of old Disco and Hip-Hop.

His first major break as a D.J. came with his sets at 'Wet' where he played alongside Breeze and Ian B (Eon). It was a mixed club that allowed them to experiment with the crowd by combining a wide variety of musical styles as well as slipping in the odd bit of poetry!

By the mid 80's Harvey teamed up with some friend from Cambridge to form the legendary 'Tonka' Sound System. From their early warehouse parties to the infamous monthly monday night jams at the Zap in Brighton. Harvey, Choci & Rev treated Tonka's huge following to a rare blend of Hip-Hop, Reggae, Electro, Classics and smatterings of House in the latter days.

House music was now an integral part of Harvey's set and more D.J's were supporting this exciting new phenomenon. Harvey found himself at numerous warehouse parties including the notorious 'Freedom' events alongside the likes of Paul 'Trouble' Anderson, Norman Jay, Judge Jules and Danny Rampling. The parties created headline news, flying revellers to Amsterdam for mad weekends and taking over huge warehouses for parties that would carry on well into the next day. It was at this time that the organizer of these parties , Kevin Simpson became good friends with Harvey, and when Freedom came to and end they would go on to have a fruitful relationship with future projects.

1 Plaid - Ralome (4:28)
2 Addvibe - Love & Happiness (3:14)
3 Forme - Morfe (3:18)
4 ADNY - Tell Me (4:58)
5 The Amalgamation Of Soundz - Salsin (6:07)

Harvey - London Xpress

DJ Harvey Biog

Harvey Sarcastic Disco

DJ Harvey/Moist Top 51 @ the excellent DJ History

Some very expensive 12"s by Harvey on Froogle

Monday, July 10, 2006

DJ & Kingsize Records Present : Chicken Lips / SwitchKraft Soundclash

2 mixes given away free on one CD with DJ Magazine back in 2001, including one of my all time favourite tracks "He Not In"!

Stafford based Dean Meredith and Andy Meecham have their history firmly planted in pioneering music. As Bizarre Inc the boys defined early acid house and rave culture (and cemented it’s crossover potential with 3 UK top ten hits) and as Chicken Lips they have been the catalyst for the now well established punk-funk, nu-disco and electro-house scenes.

Signing to Kingsize Records in 1999, the home of Andy Meecham’s Sir Drew alias since the demise of Acid Jazz offshoot Athletico in the mid ‘90’s (where Meredith had also been recordings his Psychedelia Smith material) the lads were reunited and Chicken Lips was born.

EPs entitled “Big Legs”, “Git Back” and “Shoe Beast” not only displayed the guys irreverent sense of humour but also their love for the combination of live and electronic sounds. These releases found favour with everyone from Pete Tong to James Lavelle and set the Chicken Lips stall out perfectly before the release of their debut LP, “Echoman”, in 2000.

The second studio album, “Extended Play”, followed in 2002 and yet again marked out the boys as innovators with it’s rich combination of disco and dub vibes sounding like nothing else around at the time. In between these two albums, the singles kept coming and one, “He Not In”, managed to blow out of control and slowly become an anthem courtesy of support by a massive range of DJs. It’s NY Electro-Disco stylings, huge riff and swaggering beats are widely credited as the catalyst for the ‘80’s electro revival. The track also broke out of the underground and onto our screens as it became the soundtrack to a very successful Smirnoff Vodka advertising campaign.

1 Shrinkwrap - Illegal Entry (Chicken Lips Heavy Heavy Dub)
2 Chicken Lips - He Not In
3 Chicken Lips - Do It Proper
4 Chicken Lips - Jerk Chicken
5 Organic Audio - Nurega (Chicken Lips Mix)

Chicken Lips Mix

Chicken Lips bio & discography

SwitchKraft are Derry based producers David Karran and Paul Beales. They have been producing on and off now for 9 years under various guises such as Hypenagogic & Architects of Sound. They featured their ‘debut’ live set at Celtronic Festival 2001 to critical acclaim and success holding their own for the local talent alongside the big established names. Since then SwitchKraft have gone on to sign for Kingsize Records and have released the highly creditable Sans Mute Trilogy EPs.

1 Switchkraft - Whitenoise
2 Switchkraft - Confidence
3 Switchkraft - Music Lover
4 Switchkraft - Sinc-O-Matic

Switchkraft Mix

Switchkraft mp3's to buy at Track It Down

Saturday, July 08, 2006

N.M.E presents Bollox To Ibiza - The Autumn Collection

To end the Ibiza theme, a CD given away free with an issue of NME back in 1999.

1 Campag Velocet - Bon Chic Bon Genre (1:40)
2 Leftfield - 6/8 War (4:14)
3 Kevin Rowland - I Can't Tell The Bottom From The Top (6:20)
4 Royal Trux - Waterpark (2:15)
5 LFO & Aphex Twin - Simon From Sydney / Untitled (SAW11 CD7 Track 7) (Pram Remix) (5:06)
6 Stereolab - Come And Play In The Milky Night (4:45)
7 Public Enemy - World Tour Sessions (4:26)
8 The High Llamas - Harper's Romo (4:21)
9 David Axelrod - Holy Thursday (5:30)
10 Death In Vegas - Dirge (5:45)

N.M.E presents Bollox To Ibiza - The Autumn Collection

New Musical Express

Pete Gooding - Viva Ibiza Chill

Pete Gooding is on the decks, playing a sundown selection at Cafe Mambo, the coolest bar on San Antonio's sunset strip. He suddenly stops the record he's playing and drops Louis Armstrong's "We've Got All The Time In The World". A man in his early twenties with a deep tan and tousled blonde hair starts crying as the Mediterranean laps onto the fine sand.

This is the power of Ibiza chill. Transport yourself back to Ibiza with these 11 carefully selected, slinky house tunes and let a little sunset into your life.

Free with the September 2001 issue of Mixmag, the magazine came with a choice of the chillout CD or a more uplifting mix also by Gooding.

1 Slam Mode - Uhuru
2 Calm - Journey To The Shadow Of The Earth
3 Blueprints - Pesto (Blue Bossa Mix)
4 Paul Rogers - Afters Hours
5 Neve - Stay
6 Fenomenon - Pacific Memories
7 Vilasido - Flow (Polekat Villa Mix)
8 Lazybatusu - Endless Road
9 Bossa Nostra - Chico Desperado (Atjazz Mix)
10 Mo' Horizons - Foto Viva
11 Mateo & Matos - Idris Rises (Idris Journey Mix)

Pete Gooding - Viva Ibiza Chill

Buy Pete Gooding from Juno

Pete Gooding mp3's can be found to buy on the ever excellent Beatport

A Man Called Adam - Ibiza Chillout

Bit of an Ibiza special this weekend as I can't be arsed doing much & just want to chill out! This CD given away with the June 1999 issue of Ministry Magazine has on it the cream of the chill out genre, including the essential "Les Nuits" by Nightmares On Wax alongside a rare remix by Groove Armada!

A Man Called Adam was originally founded as a jazz band, led by Sally Rodgers, Steve Jones, and Paul Daley (later to form Leftfield). Signed to the pioneering Acid Jazz Records enabled the group to find more gigs, and debut with a pair of singles. These early recordings, "A.P.B." and "Earthly Powers," reflected more recent influences -- namely the acid-house explosion which had rocked British clubs and charts during the late '80s. Winnowed down to a threesome of Rodgers/Jones/Daley, A Man Called Adam signed to Big Life in 1990 and just missed the British Top 40 that year with "Barefoot in the Head." After Daley left the fold, Rodgers and Jones followed with their first LP, The Apple. Unhappy with their treatment by Big Life (a sentiment echoed by the Orb at the same time), Rodgers and Jones decided to form their own label, Other Records, with design artist and longtime friend Steve "Jaffa" Gribbin.

Perhaps due to their new interests in label management, Rodgers and Jones didn't release much A Man Called Adam material during the mid-'90s. (They did have some input on the Fear of Flying LP released by Other act Sensory Productions, and released singles on Other as Beachflea). By the end of the decade, the brand of uptempo yet slightly melancholy jazz-house pioneered by the duo became incredibly popular as a soundtrack for British club-kids vacationing in the dancefloor paradise known as Ibiza. The singles "Easter Song," "Estelle," and "All My Favourite People (Stay with Me)" became Ibiza anthems, and A Man Called Adam made appearances on many club compilations. The pair's second album, Duende, finally appeared in 1998

1 A Man Called Adam - Easter Song (6:14)
2 MC Sultan - Der Bauch (8:20)
3 Language Lab - Burning Disaster (Groove Armada Remix) (6:06)
4 Coco Steel & Lovebomb - Sunset (A Reminiscent Drive Mix) (7:08)
5 Thievery Corporation - Lebanese Blonde (Instrumental) (5:25)
6 Nightmares On Wax - Les Nuits (6:10)
7 Femi Kuti - Beng Beng Beng (Mateo & Matos Vocal Mix) (8:00)
8 Electribe 101 - Electribal Memories (4:27)
9 Hefner - An Evening With Hefner Part 3 (3:21)

A Man Called Adam - Ibiza Chillout

A Man Called Adam website

A Man Called Adam mp3's at Tune Tribe

Friday, July 07, 2006

Slam - Mix Soma

Excellent mix free with the March 2001 issue of Muzik by the dons themselves, Slam (Stuart McMillan and Orde Meikle). Synonymous with Glasgow’s underground club scene and their sound-searching record label, Soma.

1 Frame - D-Vices
2 Silicone Soul - Chic-o Laa (H-Foundation Remix)
3 Funk D'Void - Barnabeats
4 Master H - Magic K
5 Soul Interactive - Da Warrior
6 Counter Plan - 90 Degrees (DJ Q Mix)
7 Universal Principles - Flyin' High (S-Man's R-Senal Accapella)
8 Retroflex - Moment Resistance
9 Percy X - Maintain
10 Gene Farris - Let Yourself Go
11 Slam - I Karumba
12 Slam vs. UNKLE - Narco Tourists (Slam Mix)

Slam - Mix Soma

Slam biography at Soma Records

Slam Events

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The Freelance Hellraiser - 50 Big Tunes 2003

What a weekend! Went to see Plump DJs on Friday, chilled out then went up to a house in the country on Saturday, got steaming drunk at a wedding on Sunday (along with impromptu sing-a-long in a bar after), drove back Monday & went to see a mates band then put up a bed yesterday! To bring back that party spirit, here's an end of year mix given away with the December 2003 issue of Mixmag, lets keep on dancing guys!
The Freelance Hellraiser deserves a drink. After a month of careful plotting & planning, Roy da Hellraiser went into his North London studio to start work on his biggest project to date. A week later, he emerged, shaken, elated & not a little stirred. "It took much longer than it should have done", shrugs Roy, "but that's because I started obsessing over tiny details. I'm never 100 per cent satisfied with anything!" And was he nervous or excited by the results? "A bit of both! Nervous because some of the tunes aren't necessarily what I'd normally play & excited at the prospect of stamping my identity onto such a diverse mix."
But stamp - and stomp! - he does. A glorious, exhilerating cut 'n' paste round-up of the year's biggest anthems, it's the only house party where Tomkraft, Junior Senior, Christina Aguilera & The Rapture are all guaranteed to appear, shake their rump & patiently wait their turn for the, er, chop.

01 David Guetta - Just A Little More Love (Acapella)
02 Seelenluft - Manila (Headman Remix)
03 Linus Loves - Stand Back
04 Chamonix - How Did You Know (77 Strings)
05 Goldfrapp - Strict Machine (Ewan Pearson Instrumental Remix)
06 X-Press 2 - Call That Love (Radio Slave Mix)
07 Harry's Afro Hut - C'mon Lady (Eric Prydz Mix)
08 Benny Benassi Presents The Biz - Satisfaction (Poxy Music's Old School Mix)
09 Junior Senior - Move Your Feet
10 Heavy Rock - Drummer
11 Photek - We Got Heat
12 High Contrast - The Basement Track
13 Cesaria Evora - Angola (Carl Craig Remix)
14 Switch - Get Ya Dub On
15 Junior Jack - E Samba
16 Room 5 - Make Luv
17 MU - Let's Get Sick
18 Moloko - Forever More (Francois K Mix)
19 Tomcraft - Loneliness (Benny Benassi Mix)
20a Freeland - We Want Your Soul (Acapella)
20b Plump DJs - The Gate
21 Electro Headz - No Sleep
22 Dave Clarke - Way Of Life
23 Freeform Five - Have It Your Way (Freeform Reform Dub)
24 Colder - Crazy Love
25a Igor S - Boomerang
25b The Rapture - House Of Jealous Lovers (Acapella)
26 Pepe Deluxé - Salami Fever
27 Christina Aguilera - Fighter (Freelance Hellraiser Thug Pop Mix)(Edit)
28 Kid Creme - Hypnotising
29 Massive Lust - Never
30 Hollway & Eastwick - Number One
31 The Juan MacLean - Give Me Every Little Thing
32 Mood II Swing - Can't Get Away From You
33 Rune - Calabria
34 Kings Of Tomorrow - Dreams
35 Sam La More - Takin' Hold
36 Jon Carter - Go Down (Dub Mix)
37 John Ciafone - Everyday (DJ Gregory Mix)
38 Agoria - La 11ème Marche
39 The Rapture - House Of Jealous Lovers
40 Syndicated People - Be Right
41 Prassay - Krvsin
42 Andrea Doria - Bucci Bag
43 T.Raumschmiere - Monstertruckdriver
44 Gus Gus - Call Of The Wild
45 Lee Cabrera - Shake It (No Te Muevas Tanto)
46 Ladytron - Seventeen (Soulwax remix)
47 Mylo - Wolves Of Miami
48 Zoot Woman - Grey Day (Paper Faces Mix)
49 FC Kahuna - Hayling

The Freelance Hellraiser - 50 Big Tunes 2003

The Freelance Hellraiser's site

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