Thursday, June 29, 2006

Bassline Pressure - It's A Ruffneck Sound (Mixed by MJ Cole)

Was never keen on MJ Cole when he hit the charts but I found his album in a charity shop & it's got some excellent breaks tracks on it. Which leads us onto this mix which was given away with Muzik back in May 2003, including one of my favourite tracks "Under Me Sleng Teng".
The word quality and MJ Cole have run hand in hand right from the start of his diverse and inspirational career. To the casual observer and mainstream music fan MJ Cole is the producer behind five UK top 40 singles (including the top ten hit Crazy Love), the albums Sincere (his groundbreaking debut) and Cut To The Chase, plus a Mercury nomination and MOBO Best Producer award. His profile and talents as a producer, remixer and arranger have lead him to work with some of the worlds biggest artists such as Tom Jones and Mariah Carey. To the dedicated clubber and dance music follower, MJ Cole is a true pioneer of the UK Garage scene - an urban legend no less, who retains a deep respect on the ever-discerning underground. Never one to be pigeonholed, Matt has ploughed an unusually wide and all-encompassing professional path. His student days studying classical music at LCU and the Royal College contrasted with his nights raving to hardcore and jungle at Telepathy and Raindance. In that same sprit he has gone on to draw together skills as a studio engineer with string arranging; song writing with DJing; and the sophistication of classical composition with the raw energy of bass-powered sound systems. He is a definitive sound artist, who is just as at home honing beats with hip hop head Rodney P as he is collaborating with renowned percussionist Evelyn Glennie. Its this open minded love of multifaceted music that underpins Prolific Recordings. When Matt first set up the label in early 98, releases such as Flava Fever / Guilty and Youre Mine became instant anthems on the underground garage scene. Whether its making cool downtempo grooves with Grant Nelson & Matt Shwartz or killer uptempo dubs with Karl Tuff Enuff Brown, MJ Cole is no one trick pony, and naturally the same applies to his label. Prolific Recordings and its self-explanatory offshoot Prolific Dubs sets out to be a fertile musical ground and filter thats a reflection of MJ Cole the artist, A&R ear, and all round sound-addict. Enjoy.

01 Chicken Lips/Andrea Doria - Wind Ya Neck In / Bucci Bag (Acappella) (3:45)
02 Agoria - Kofea (2:12)
03 Audio Bullys - Face In A Cloud (3:21)
04 Plump DJs - Squeaks And Bleeps (2:36)
05 Roots Manuva - Dream Days (MJ Cole Remix) (3:05)
06 Artful Dodger - Ruff Neck Sound (Basement Mix) (3:19)
07 Shut Up & Dance - Reclaim The Streets (3:59)
08 Visionary Underground - Freedom (4:41)
09 Radioactive Man - 'Ave That (3:42)
10 Wayne Smith - Under Me Sleng Teng (3:51)
11 Alozade & Hollow Point - Under Mi Sensi (3:02)
12 The Bug Vs The Rootsman - Killer (3:17)
13 Dillinja - Transcope (4:28)

Bassline Pressure - It's A Ruffneck Sound (Mixed by MJ Cole)

MJ Cole's site

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MJ Cole blog search

Tayo - Y4K Summer Breaks

Getting prepared for the weekend, a few breaks mixes over the next couple of days (& then theres gonna be a break till next week - am off to a wedding).
Given away with DJ Magazine back in 2002, Y4K Summer Breaks sees Tayo picking up the reigns and premiering his upfront choices from the Distinct'ive Breaks summer 2002 collection, encompassing the full spectrum of breakbeat. From ethereal vibes such as Circulations dub of PQM's beautiful "Everyday", via Ashtrax's progressive breaks mix of Maurice & Noble "Faith Delivers", to tech edged beats from San Francisco's LAte Night Sneaky and their funky as "Purr", the mix ends up in full on, dark and hard breaks territory with two brand new tracks from the sensational Quiet Killaz.
Tayo is a familiar face on the breaks scene where he can safely lay claim to helping shape the nu skool sound in the late 90’s alongside fellow breaksters Adam Freeland and Rennie Pilgrem, who together promoted the genre forming Friction parties at Bar Rhumba & The End. Tayo was also pinnacle in promoting the breaks scene and it’s artists to a much larger audience through his work as a press officer promoting artists and labels and also as a journalist writing reviews and reviewing club nights. With his fingers in a hell of a lot of pies and a strong attitude towards always achieving greater things, it was not long before world - well - breaks domination was bound to happen...

1 Prince Quick Mix feat. Ekaterini - Everyday (Circulation Dub) (4:40)
2 Way Out West feat. Kirsty Hawkshaw - Stealth (Nubreed Remix) (5:39)
3 Maurice & Noble feat. Jane Hadley - Faith Delivers (Ashtrax Remix) (3:45)
4 Urban Dubz - The Fearless Track (4:40)
5 Late Night Sneaky - Purr Project (5:11)
6 Dave London & Filthy Rich - Twisted (Future Funk Squad 'Insulation' Remix) (5:10)
7 dB+ - That Thing (That Koma & Bones Mix) (5:42)
8 NuBreed - Beats N Rhymes (3:53)
9 Quiet Killaz - Warning (5:05)
10 Quiet Killaz - Critical Level (5:25)

Tayo - Y4K Summer Breaks

Distinct'ive Records

Buy Tayo mix CD's from Amazon

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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Groove Armada Presents...

Excellent CD given away with The Guardian newspaper on 29 January 2005, three tracks stand out from the rest, the live version of "At the River", Bugz In The Attic & interesting to hear the original version of Spektrum's "Kinda New" (although it's no way as good as the Tiefschwarz remix!).

01 Little Barrie - Free Salute
02 Gekko - Love
03 The Butch Cassidy Sound System - Cissy Strut
04 Groove Armada - At The River (Live at Brixton Academy)
05 Bugz In The Attic - Booty La La (Edit)
06 Sugardaddy - Step Up
07 Groove Armada - If Everybody Looked The Same
08 Spektrum - Kinda New
09 Groove Armada - Little By Little
10 Caia - Le Telecabine

Groove Armada Presents...

Monday, June 26, 2006

tmunki - Old School Session

Should have posted this at the weekend with the other old school stuff. This is a mix that I made on the decks for a mate one christmas. Keep thinking that I should get rid of the tmunki name for when DJ'ing, somebody said it was a bit of a crap DJ name! I did start using the name team "on-key" on some of my later mixes (which I'm going to edit & post up one day - it's no good mixing on Ableton without an external sound card, must invest in one!) Anyway, enough of my ramblings, let us know what you think of the mix if you download it!

1. Marshall Jefferson - Move Your Body
2. Pete Heller - Big Love
3. Gat Decor - Passion
4. Inner City - Good Life
5. Josh Wink - How's Your Evening So Far?
6. Lil Louis - French Kiss
7. OnePhatDeeva - Bad Habit (ATFC Club Mix)
8. M.A.W - To Be In Love
9. De'Lacy - Hideaway (Deep Dish Remix)
10. Kings Of Tomorrow - Finally (Danny Tenaglia Vocal Club Mix)
11. Ultra Naté - Free
12. Cookie Monster & The Girls - C Is For Cookie (Funky Version)

tmunki - Old School Session

DJ Touché - Ministry Presents...B-Boy 2000

1st part of the B-Boy 2000 CD mixed by DJ Touché & given away with the September 1999 issue of Ministry Magazine. Touché is London-based DJ/producer Theo Keating. Currently resident at Brighton's long-running Boutique night, and at The Culture Club in Ghent, Belgium, Theo's DJ-ing takes him around the world. He also records for the Southern Fried label, and runs his own label, Body Clap.

But it all started with The Wiseguys. Formed in 1994 by Touché and Regal, and signed to Wall Of Sound, The Wiseguys released their debut LP ‘Executive Suite’ in 1996. It received critical acclaim, and is now accepted as a cult classic. However, Regal soon departed, and Touché went on to record the follow-up album ‘The Antidote’ solo. It was this album that gave rise to the hit singles ‘Ooh La La’ (#2 in the UK Top 40) and ‘Start The Commotion’ (Billboard Top 10 in the US), and led to Touché remixing artists such as Beck, The Offspring and Gorillaz. But wanting to leave The Wiseguys on a high, Theo decided to finish with the project in 2000, and concentrate on his work as Touché...

A long stint DJ-ing at Fabric followed, and a mix album for the renowned Journeys By DJ series, as well as his own radio shows: on Atlantic 252, and as co-host on XfM's All-City Show. It was during this period that Touché fit in releases for respected labels Subliminal, Heat, and Junior. However, it was Fatboy Slim's Southern Fried Records where Theo finally found a home.

1 Bronx Dogs - Mixed Blood (3:15)
2 Jadell - Mother Otherness (2:09)
3 Jadell - Can You Hear Me? (3:05)
4 Space Raiders - (I Need The) Disco Doktor (Clockwork Voodoo Freaks Mix) (3:28)
5 Sound 5 - Heavy Transit (3:43)
6 The Wiseguys - B-Boy '84 (4:49)
7 Flange Force 3 - Bonus Bonanza (3:05)
8 Nick Faber - Let Me Hear You Clap Your Hands (2:53)

DJ Touché - Ministry Presents...B-Boy 2000

Southern Fried Records website

Buy Southern Fried Records

Hexstatic - Zen TV Exclusive Audio Mix

Not exactly given away but included on the Zen TV DVD, sorry guys but if I'm going to put a DVD on I'm gonna watch it, not just listen! Plus the speakers for my ipod are so much better than the TV speakers...
Press Release
The ZenTV DVD has twice the capacity of a normal DVD, containing as it does 35 promo videos from the label, a fifteen minute audiovisual mix and a 30 minutes audio mix from Hexstatic. And as if that wasn'’t enough, the DVD has a state-of-the-art menu system which means you can watch the videos either in the order we intended, randomly, or chronologically from the oldest to the newest or the newest to the oldest. You can also look up any specific act and check out their videos and album art. Or just leave a gallery of some of Ninja's finest covers running in the corner of the room as a kind of ambient art installation dahlink… Mwah.

But that just scratches the surface, really, cos after all, in the kingdom of the blind content is king. Or something like that. You know the music is going to be good (we hope you know the music is going to be good), but what about the visuals?

Well, one advantage with not having hit records (Coldcut's "“Beats & Pieces"” remains our one top forty for 12 years work) is that you don't have to worry about getting your promos shown on daytime MTV or TOTP or any of those hellholes of visual mediocrity where all the bands have to look fabulous and if they don'’t, well you better make sure you put some models in there who do… So instead, you can be (whisper it) creative.

Which is why some of the top up-and-coming names in video direction and animation have worked for Ninja in the last few years. Because they know that if they pitch an interesting, visually striking, innovative idea, they will be left to get on with it without interference. Established directors like Alexander Rutterford (Amon Tobin, now working for Radiohead) Sam Arthur (DJ Vadim) as well as young turks like Conkerko (Bonobo). Fizzy Eye made their first music video for Wagon Christ (the truly excellent "Receiver") and have since gone on to do commercials for Honda, proving that a track record with Ninja doesn't ruin your business prospects.

Beyond this, artists like Kid Koala and Jaga Jazzist often even commission their own videos, working with close associates to find the perfect match between their sound and the director's vision. As if that wasn'’t enough, there are artists on the label who are intimately involved in the creation of their own videos, whether it'’s the Scruff cartoons that make up the basis of his Cosgrove Hall-animated "Sweet Smoke,"” the pioneering audiovisual cut-ups of Hexstatic and Coldcut, Funki Porcini'’s satires of adverts or his weird, otherworldly concrete moving abstracts.

Overall, since those early audiovisual mash-ups, the driving force behind all of Ninja's visual work has been that the video is not merely an unrelated promo item to sell a single but should be intimately related to the sounds it represents. The budgets may be small, some results may be more effective than others, but there'’s no denying that the attempts to realise this ideal are never less than interesting.

Are you sitting comfortably?

The DVD is excellent & a must to buy, so come on guys, I've saved you the effort by extracting the mix, put your money where you mouth is if you download this mix. Can't find an exact track list but includes most of the tunes from the DVD.

Hexstatic - Zen TV Exclusive Audio Mix

Buy the DVD at Ninjashop

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Pete Tong - Essential Decade 1990-2000

Free with the January 2000 issue of Mixmag magazine.
Picking the tracks for this CD was a nightmare. I had to condense 11 years of late nights and early mornings, lucky breaks and hard work into 74 minutes of music. But I think it's come out pretty well. There's a nod to the originators with Sagat's still fresh-sounding "Luvstuff" and Orbital bookending the whole thing. There are classic remixes from Armand Van Helden, Sasha, Roger Sanchez and Breeder. But most of all there are big, big tunes from System F, DJ Misjah, Sex-O-Sonique, JDS and Mighty Dub Katz. I hope it gives you a taste of what ffrr has been about for the last 11 years.
If you know these tunes, I hope it brings you as many good memories as I had when putting it together. If it doesn't, well thanks for looking through our closet. We've had a ball.
Pete Tong

1 Orbital - Belfast (Sasha Vs. The Light Remix) (3:33)
2 New Order - Blue Monday (Hardfloor Mix) (5:21)
3 JDS - Nine Ways (Original Mix) (4:09)
4 Mighty Dub Katz - Magic Carpet Ride (Fatboy Slim Remix) (2:32)
5 Sagat - Luvstuff (Original Mix) (4:40)
6 Sex-O-Sonique - I Thought It Was You (Original Mix) (5:54)
7 CJ Bolland - Sugar Is Sweeter (Armand Van Helden's Drum 'N' Bass Mix) (6:19)
8 The Brand New Heavies - You Are The Universe (Roger's Universal Mix) (5:38)
9 Lisa Marie Experience - Keep On (Bizarre Inc Mix) (5:00)
10 Z Factor - Gotta Keep Pushin (Original Mix) (4:40)
11 Brother Brown - Under The Water (Deep Dish Triangle Dub) (5:33)
12 Quake - The Day Will Come (Quake's Vocal Mix Featuring Marcia Rae) (5:43)
13 DJ Misjah & DJ Tim - Access (Original) (6:30)
14 System F - Out Of The Blue (Mauro Picotto Remix) (4:17)
15 Orbital - Nothing Left (Breeder Remix) (3:34)

Essential Decade 1990-2000

Buy ffrr records

Mastercuts - Old Skool Classics

Continuing with the Old Skool theme this weekend we have an excellent 11 track unmixed CD given away with Muzik back in 1998, in association with Mastercuts, a label specialising in some of the best compilation albums, with over 2 million albums sold since its inception in 1992. Mastercuts is a high quality brand that features all the classic artists across those classic genres such as Funk, Soul, Reggae and Breaks. Mastercuts has also expanded outside of the compilations with the Legends series that has featured such greats as Marvin Gaye, Bobby Womack and Roy Ayers.

1 Kariya - Let Me Love You For Tonight (6:20)
2 A Guy Called Gerald - Voodoo Ray (4:26)
3 Rhythim Is Rhythim - Nude Photo (5:31)
4 Fast Eddie - Acid Thunder (4:31)
5 Jungle Brothers - I'll House You (5:13)
6 Joe Smooth - The Promised Land (5:02)
7 Slam - Positive Education (8:35)
8 Joey Beltram - Energy Flash (5:53)
9 Hardfloor - Acperience (9:00)
10 Leftfield - Song Of Life (8:44)
11 Sueño Latino - Sueno Latino (10:31)

Old Skool Classics

Mastercuts Website

Mastercuts CD's for sale on froogle

Or buy Mastercuts stuff on ebay

Saturday, June 24, 2006

I Love 1992: Underground Anthems

Free with the October 2001 issue of Mixmag. The issue came with the choice of two CD's, I went for the "Underground Anthems" over the "Big Tunes".
Even after the Shamen hit number one, a select group stayed outside the rave mainstream. In the year that dance compilations were popularised, there were still those willing to struggle to gigs with a box of 12"s. They were hardcore. Just like their music. Hardcore & its offshoots were the sound of the underground. We bring you that underground & more. Reincarnated. Go on, say it: hardcore will never die!

1 The Hypnotist - The House Is Mine
2 Praga Khan - Injected With A Poison (Adams Power Mix)
3 The Hypnotist - Hardcore You Know The Score
4 Human Resource - Dominator (Joey Beltram Mix)
5 DJ Edge - Compnded
6 Rhythm Section - Dreamworld
7 Blame - Music Takes You
8 2 Bad Mice - Bombscare
9 Psychotropic - Hypnosis (SL2 Remix)
10 Origin Unknown - Valley Of The Shadows
11 Q Project - Champion Sound

I Love 1992: Underground Anthems

Buy some of these CD's on ebay (not from me though, I'm keeping mine! Gathering dust...)

1992 in music

I Love 1991 (Classic Old Skool)

Taking it back for the weekend, given away free with the June 2001 issue of Mixmag (big fish, little fish, cardboard box not included!)
According to the sleeve notes 1991 was a watershed year in the world of dance music. It was the year that UK dance music really found its feet & wrestled initiative away from the previously all-conquering Americans. Bands like The Shamen, Renegade Soundwave, Leftfield, Orbital & Prodigy proved that the British could rave bigger & better than anyone else & hundreds of thousands flocked to huge outdoor events to 'ave it right off in the sunshine. This CD is a little taster of the music from that time & if you close your eyes you can almost smell the Vicks.

01 Altern 8 - Infiltrate 202
02 New Atlantic - I Know (6:05)
03 React 2 Rhythm - Intoxication (Leftfield Remix) (4:49)
04 Fortran 5 - Look To The Future (5:04)
05 Renegade Soundwave - The Phantom (2:55)
06 The Scientist - The Bee (5:54)
07 Impedance - Tainted Love (3:23)
08 The Shamen - Move Any Mountain (Beat Edit) (6:13)
09 Sueño Latino - Sueno Latino (1991 Remix) (3:05)
10 GTO - The Bullfrog (5:25)
11 Joey Beltram - My Sound (1:48)
12 The Psychopaths - Nightmares (2:41)
13 Ramirez - La Musica Tremenda (4:28)
14 Rising High Collective - Fever Called Love (7:46)
15 Nightmares On Wax - Dextrous (3:49)

I Love 1991 (Classic Old Skool)

Mixmag - The World's biggest clubbing & dance music magazine (probably as there isn't many others anymore!)

Friday, June 23, 2006

Miss Kittin - Electroclash

Given away with the August 2002 issue of Muzik. This is one hell of a mix, Miss Kittin singing over a few of the tracks, covering such a broad range of styles and throwing in a couple of essential old school classics as well!
Miss Kittin (real name Caroline Hervé) is an electronica vocalist and DJ. She was born in Grenoble, France in 1973. At age 22 she began DJing, spinning records in France, Moscow and Chicago with Mike Dearborn. Soon after she met DJ Hell in Marseille who wanted her to record for his International DeeJay Gigolos label. She presented him with the EP Champagne that she recorded with The Hacker. Miss Kittin & The Hacker released First Album in 2001. Several tracks, such as "1982" and "Frank Sinatra", became anthems of the electroclash scene.

Kittin expressed an interest in the visual arts - she studied both contemporary and graphic arts. As time progressed, however, Kittin found herself emulating her parents' musical tastes by developing an interest in musical genres ranging from classic, jazz, funk & disco to English Pop. Finding her niche in Electronic Music in 1991, Kittin raved all around the country before doing her first mix in April of 1993. Her first set came one year later in 1994, at which time she started her career with Tekmics Booking Agency, playing in the famous Dragon Ball wild parties of Southern France.

In pursuit of other opportunities, Kittin left France in 1996 and relocated to Geneva, Switzerland, where she would join the Mental Groove Record Posse one year later. Through years of an exciting and mobile career as a DJ, Miss Kittin is confident with her own personal sound. She states, "I get quickly bored when I listen to the same sound. DJs have to take risks, without only thinking about what people want to hear. Some people say I'm too technical. That's true, but this technique also gives me the freedom to concentrate only on music."

She has become one of the most important figures in electroclash, working with Felix da Housecat, Chicks on Speed, and Golden Boy.
From Wikipedia

1 Miss Kittin - Who Am I (Vocal Intro)
2 Arpanet - Wireless Internet
3 System 01 - Drugs Work
4 TGV - Fools Gold
5a Michael Mayer - Love Is Stronger Than Pride
5b David Carretta - Vicious Game
6 DHS - House Of God (2000 DHS Remix)
7 Dot Allison - Substance (Felix Da Housecat Remix)
8 T.Raumschmiere - Energiekriese
9 Audible - Estress Audio
10 Panasonic - Teurastamo
11 Golden Boy With Miss Kittin - Rippin Kittin (Ellen Allien Remix)
12 A Number Of Names - Shari Vari (Ectomorph Remix)
13 Miss Kittin & The Hacker - Frank Sinatra 2001
14 Carsten Jost - A Certain Kind
15 Ellen Allien - Stadtkind (Barbara Morgenstern Remix)
16 Ultra-Red - A16
17 Zoot Woman - Living In A Magazine (Paper Faces Remix)
18 Thomas Brinkmann - Klicks
19 Miss Kittin - Berlin Is Burning (Vocal Outro)

Miss Kittin - Electroclash

Miss Kittin's site

Buy Kittin tunes from Mute

Miss Kittin live mixes at Musichole

Groove Armada - Essential Summer Groove

Well it is now officially summer & should be the weekend of Glastonbury & guess what? It's bloody miserable! Hope this mix cheers you all up, worth it for Chicken Lips & the acclaimed Mixmaster Morris remix of "Autumn Leaves" (not very summer-ish!)
Given away with the May 2004 issue of Mixmag, do I have to tell you all about Groove Armada? I don't think so...
...except for
* The band was named after a club the duo used to run, called 'Captain Sensual at the Helm of the Groove Armada'
* Yorkshire man Andy Cato used to play trombone in a brass band and is a former Young Jazz Musician of the Year
* Tom Finlay hails from Cambridge and used to work in public reltionships for Nike
* 1998's Northern Star was awarded Best New Artist's Album by MUZIK Magazine
* Vertigo was recorded in the rural tranquility of Ambleside , at the heart of the English Lake District (Where Wordsworth used to live, poetry fans)
* Tracks "Superstylin'" and "My Friend" are used as theme music for Brazil's most popular soap opera
* Tom's cousin is Digs from Nottingham's DIY DJ collective
Cheers to BBC Music Profiles!

1 M.A.W - Ékabo
2 Paul Murphy - Soul Call
3 DJ Ali - You Don't Know
4 Random Factor - After The Tone (DJ T's Tweakin Disco Mix)
5 Ethan - In My Heart (Instrumental Edit)
6 The Huggy Factor - Modal Nodes
7 Ben Wijay - IOU
8 Sweet Left Peg - Stonething
9 Chicken Lips - He Not In (Edit)
10 Groove Armada - Ooh Baby
11 Gecko - South Of Mexico City (Instrumental)
12 Neon Heights - Gentlemen Of Funk (Stargazer Vocal Mix)
13 Darren Roach & Dave Brennan - The Riddem
14 Alexander Robotnick - Dance By Dance (2003 Remix)
15 Coldcut - Autumn Leaves (Mixmaster Morris Remix)
16 Max Sedgley - Happy (Spiritual South Go Happy In Rio! Mix)

Groove Armada - Essential Summer Groove

Buy the best of Groove Armada from Amazon

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Andrew Weatherall - London Xpress

1st part of the NME's cover CD back in 2000 (the David Holmes mix is still up & running under May's entries & will post the Harvey one eventually!)

Every so often, reference is made to dance being dead, or rock being healthy, or vice versa. It implies the two things have an inverse relationship; that they can’t co-exist. It’s a load of old nonsense, as the work of Andrew Weatherall serves to prove. A cursory glance at his discography – featuring Creation, Heavenly, Factory, Rough Trade, One Little Indian, Warner, Talkin’ Loud, Island, Boy’s Own, Deconstruction, Warp, Rotters’ Golf Club etc – undermines the cliché further. Or put another way: trends don’t sell records, artists do. Andrew Weatherall lives his life in small print, not bold text, always supporting the independents, and ever ready to back the underdog. He cares for fashion but not what is fashionable. Nothing about him is painstakingly planned, or coolly calculated.

“It’s only in the last five years that I’ve considered myself a DJ, ‘cos when I first started, I just played records. I thought of it as a job, but I never thought of it as a career. When you start thinking career, you start thinking ‘game plans’, and ‘I’ve gotta be at a certain stage’, and ‘oh, why am I still doing this’ if, you know, ‘my career should be here’. I’ve never thought of it as a career. Call me an underachiever but I never… I think if you start thinking of it as a career, you start thinking you’ve gotta be here at a certain time, then you start taking shortcuts and start making the wrong kind of decisions. For a long time I put myself down and said it wasn’t a proper job. But it is.” from Haywire

01 Plaid - Tophapy (2:53)
02 Burnt Friedman & The Nu Dub Players - Hard Drive Dub (2:45)
03 John Tejada - Daydreaming Diaster (3:27)
04 Steve Stoll - Brooklyn Bridge (LP Version) (4:32)
05 7 Hurtz - Stockers Motor (6:16)
06 Lali Puna - Everywhere All Over (4:38)

Andrew Weatherall - London Xpress

Two Lone Swordsmen

Rotters Golf Club shop

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Midfield General - Boutique Birthday Mix

Brighton. Skint Records. Love it!
Free with Muzik Magazine's April 2001 issue, the tunes on this mix are spot on! The Big Beat Boutique (later renamed The Boutique) kickstarted the so-called "Big Beat" genre along with The Heavenly Social with such names as The Chemical Brothers & Fatboy Slim. It doesn't appear that The Boutique is still going, their website is none existent, anyone else the wiser???

1 Si Begg - Mardi Gras Bomber
2 Cut La Roc - Fallen (Hot Box Remix)
3 Freq Nasty - Amplify (Dub)
4 Santos - Camels (DJ Zinc Remix)
5 Rec Rangers - Toot Toot Hey Beep Beep (X-Press 2 Mix)
6 Peace Division - B U 4t
7 Layo & Bushwacka! - Low Life (Love From San Francisco Remix)
8 Lo-Fidelity Allstars - Sleeping Faster (Hot Box Instrumental)
9 Midfield General - Faster
10 Medicine - Junior Aspirin
11 Danielsan - No Big Disco Pun
12 Fatboy Slim - Santa Cruz

Midfield General - Boutique Birthday Mix

Midfield General dot com (seems a bit out of date)

Skint's website (check out the tunes section, selling mp3 albums for 6 quid!)

Monday, June 19, 2006

Graeme Park - We Love The Haçienda

Given away with Ministry Magazine's May 2002 issue, I did have the chance to go to the Haçienda once but it would have meant sneaking in as I didn't have a ticket, my mate did but I was too scared & stopped in the pub in Sheffield instead! In 1986, it became one of the first clubs outside the US to start playing house music, with DJs Mike Pickering and Little Martin (later with Graeme Park) hosting the Nude night on Fridays. This night quickly became legendary, and helped to turn around the reputation and fortunes of the Haçienda, which went from making a consistent loss to being full every night of the week by early 1987.This 45 minute mix does contain some classic & obscure old school tracks (it isn't the same Stardust that contained Thomas Bangalter and Alan Braxe though!), please note that this mix is not officially endorsed by the Haçienda club (as stated on the CD's back cover!)

1 Stardust - Love Will Find A Way (5:17)
2 Blaze - Whatcha Gonna Do (5:23)
3 Jomanda - Driftin' (5:30)
4 Cultural Vibe - Ma Foom Bey (4:38)
5 Soft House Company - What You Need (4:47)
6 Criminal Element Orchestra - Put The Needle On The Record (Original) (5:30)
7 Young MC - Know How (3:25)
8 Rhythim Is Rhythim - Nude Photo (7:52)

Graeme Park - We Love The Haçienda

The Haçienda - Manchester's legendary club

The Haçienda must be built

Haçienda images

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Basement Jaxx - Camber Skank

Free 3" CD given away with The Face back in June 2001, the other track on the CD being "Get Me Off" from the album "Rooty". Instead of banging on about how great Basement Jaxx are (which they are folks!), I'm so sad that The Face is not with us, there has not been a magazine to fill the void since it ended. So many stories, the Jason Donovan libel suit where he won & paid the money back to the magazine so it didn't fold, having images censored in Singapore with big stickers on the pages, it folded because of poor sales, however wikipedia states that the format was stale & there was too much competition, I would tend to disagree!

Basement Jaxx - Camber Skank

Basement Jaxx' site

Atlantic Jaxx has a streaming mix by Felix

Da Mongoloids

The Face in the running for the BBC's favourite example of design

Why The Face no longer fits

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Meat Katie & James Zabiela - DJ Face Off

Free with DJ Magazine 15th October 2005, remember picking this one up in Manchester Airport on the way to Tunisia (somewhere I wouldn't recommend to go, apologies to anyone from Tunisia but there isn't much there!) One of the best nights out I ever had was seeing Zabiela play at Urban Gorilla last year at their last night at .Zero in Sheffield, the man knows how to put on a set!
Nu-skool breaks pioneer Meat Katie has long been famed for bravely traversing the gap between breaks & house music, so it made sense for the DJ Magazine team to pair him up with James Zabeila - a DJ who's never been afraid to do the same.
Zabeila has become one of the most in-demand global superstars, but it is his passion for technology that stands him head & shoulders above his peers - cramming his sets with live edits, scratching & all manner of space-age effects. Hell, he's even been known to show the boffins at Pioneer what their equipment can do.
Sparks will fly as two of the hottest properties in dance music collide, stick on this mix & take cover!

1 James Zabiela - Loony Intro FX
2 Dexter - Acid Lullaby
3 Rob Mooney & Jon Gurd - She's A Trip
4 D. Ramirez - Venus & Mars (New Mix)
5 Elite Force - Mindfunkpsychedelic
6 Coburn & Dumb Blonde - We Have The Technology
7 Metric - Hell Yeah
8 Buick Project - At the Rave (Electric Press/James Talk Remix)
9 Koma & Bones - Bounce Your Body
10 Atomic Hooligan - Seven 10 Split (Klaus 'Heavyweight' Hill Remix)
11 Mosca - Meat Market Lottery Boutique
12 Solvent - Think Like Us (Alter Ego Remix)
13 Meat Katie - More Sin
14 James Zabiela - Robophobia (Silinder Remix)
15 Morgan Page - Landline

Meat Katie & James Zabiela - DJ Face Off

James Zabiela's site

Meat Katie's site

DJ Download - DJ Magazine's MP3 shop

Audio Bullys - Hooligan House: The Sound of 2003

Given away with (the now defunct) Muzik Magazine in January 2003, great mix although a bit unsure about the MCing at times! Dunno what to think about the Audio Bullys, used to think they were great until they released that terrible ballard "I'm In Love" which put me off them, a shame really! Tom, the DJ half of the Bullys, had his decks at 16 and was a resident at London club Milk N' 2 Sugars when he was 17. "I went from house into hardcore and back into house again," recalls Tom. Tom has more recently been spotted devastating the dancefloor at the City Rockers club night in London, mixing The Kinks over Leftfield's 'Phat Planet'. "I play a lot of my own stuff now," explains the shy superstar DJ in waiting. "A bootleg of something here or there, house, hip hop. I'm not too worried about clinical production as long as it works."

01 Audio Bullys / Wink - Plugged In / Freak (Acappella) (7:47)
02 David James - (Always) A Permanent State (4:29)

03 Inland Knights - Fresh Feat (1:59)

04 The Buffalo Bunch - Buffalo Club (2:31)

05 Cassius - Sound Of Violence (Audio Bullys Energiser Mix) (3:42)
06 Gaspard - Good Enough (4:27)
07 Dr. Kucho & Wally Lopez - House Park (1:58)

08 Audio Bullys - Real Life (Hawk's Grimy Dub) (4:48)

09 The Path present Galaxy 21 - Rhythm Trackin' (2:57)

10 Ils - No Soul (PMT Mix) (2:13)

11 Audio Bullys - Miagi (3:41)

12 Audio Bullys - We Don't Care (Instrumental) (3:56)

13 Audio Bullys - The Beginning (4:10)

14 Touché - Black Light (3:44)

15 Mousse T. - Ooh Song (1:57)

16 Hawk - Untitled (1:34)

Audio Bullys - Hooligan House

Audio Bullys website

Buy Audio Bullys MP3's

Friday, June 16, 2006

Bobby & Betty go to the Moon: A Lunar Adventure in the Year 1985

Thought I'd post this one up for all the sample heads out there, the sexism is so laughable! I know that Luke Vibert & The Drum Club sampled it, (the best sample is right at the end folks), anyone know of any others?

A Lunar Adventure in the Year 1985

Full history of Leo Muller albums

Check out more of the same at Kiddie Record Weekly

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Shortee Blitz - Rawkus 2000

Free with the October 2000 issue of Muzik Magazine, nice Rawkus Records showcase mixed by Shortee Blitz. Rawkus Records is an independent hip hop record label that enjoyed considerable exposure and massive success in the late '90s. Rawkus was established in 1996 by Brian Brater and Jarret Meyer, with financial backing from a school friend, James Murdoch, son of Rupert Murdoch. Due to their connections to a source of money, Rawkus had the budget to advertise as well as the big hip hop labels. In 1999 it entered into a distribution deal with Interscope/Geffen, whose parent company was Universal Music.

Rawkus was responsible for bringing fame to many underground hip hop acts such as Sir Menelik; Company Flow; the High and Mighty; Mos Def and Talib Kweli (a duo known as Black Star), Pharoahe Monch, Skillz, and DJs and producers such as Hi Tek and DJ Evil Dee, as well as resurrecting Hip Hop legend Kool G Rap. They helped launch the conscious hip-hop movement through these artists and their influential compilations "The Lyricist Lounge" and "Soundbombing," which each had worldwide tours.

In 2002 Rawkus inked a joint venture deal MCA to take their underground sound mainstream, with their roster including Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Pharoahe Monch, The Roots, and Common. Soon after joining with MCA, MCA folded and Interscope/Geffen bought Rawkus and attempted to shift the focus from underground acts producing what they want to acts producing what Interscope/Geffen was accustomed to.

In January of 2004 it was reported that Geffen had opted not to renew their contract and that Rawkus Records was moving on from its initial acts, ending an era. In an interview with hip-hop news site, Hi Tek said, “They took chances and gave their life to underground hip-hop when no one else would. I really appreciate them. I think Rawkus was part of keeping real hip-hop music alive in its down times.”

In July of 2005 it was announced that Rawkus had re-emerged with a new distribution deal with RED Distribution, the independent distribution arm of the SonyBMG family, with releases planned for 2006. New releases are scheduled from hip hop roadsters The Procussions and Chicagos's newest lyrical sensation Naledge. (From Wikipedia)

1 Shortee Blitz - Intro (0:42)
2 Mos Def - Hip Hop (2:58)
3 Fre , J-Live , Rubix , Mos Def , Invincible , Wordsworth , A.L. , Kofi Taha , Tame One , Jane Doe , Grafh - A Tree Never Grown (3:28)
4 Pharoahe Monch - Right Here (Remix) (2:02)
5 Talib Kweli & Hi-Tek - Move Somethin (3:08)
6 Smut Peddlers - One By One (3:16)
7 Mad Skillz - Ghost Writer (2:26)
8 Big L - Holding It Down (2:04)
9 Big L - Flamboyant (3:11)
10 Shabaam Sahdeeq - 3D (1:47)

Shortee Blitz - Rawkus 2000

Universal Music's Rawkus site

Buy Rawkus records & CD's

Tom Middleton - Weekend Warm-Up 2005

Given away with the August 2005 issue of Mixmag & follow-up to the previous Weekend Warm-Up, not as much of the classic tracks as seen in the original mix but some tasty tracks, including the Braxe & Falke remix of Royksöpp and some of Tom's own compositions, can this man ever put a foot wrong?

01 Bebel Gilberto - Simplesmente (Tom Middleton Cosmos Balearic Mix)
02 Agora Rhythm - Circles
03 Shur-i-kan - I Want It
04 Global Communication - The Groove (Tom Middleton Modwheel Mix)
05 Marcos Valle - Besteiras De Amour (Jazzanova Remix - Dixon Edit)
06 Kerri Chandler - Bar A Thym
07 Joey Negro - Shimmering Stars (Middleton Edit)
08 Phully - Rouge Injun
09 Lifelike & Kris Menace - Discopolis
10 Trevor Loveys - Now I'm Ready
11 Röyksopp - Only This Moment (Alan Braxe & Fred Falke Mix)
12 James Zabiela - Robophobia
13 Danny S - Jack Off
14 Hardfloor - Da Revival
15 Freeland , Wink & Tom Middleton - Rise Above
16a Julien Delfaud , Alex Gopher & Etienne De Crécy - Fast Track
16b Danny Breaks - The Windscreen Wiper

Tom Middleton - Weekend Warm-Up 2005

Tom's Resident Advisor page

Tom's discogs

Tom Middleton CD's at Amazon

or buy them from Juno instead, they have more choice!

P.S. Sorry about the lack of activity over the last few days, just been on my holidays in Amsterdam!

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Indie/Dance Mix Tape

A mix tape (commonly the two words are stuck together as mixtape) is a home-made compilation of songs (typically copyrighted music taken from other sources) recorded in a specific order, traditionally onto a compact audio cassette.

With the advent of affordable, consumer-level digital audio, creating and distributing mixes in the form of a compact disc or MP3 playlist has become the contemporary method of choice, but the term mix tape is still commonly used, and will be used throughout this article to refer to mixes in different media (CD, MP3, MiniDisc, audio cassette, etc.).

A mix tape, which usually reflects the musical tastes of its compiler, can range from a casually selected list of favorite songs, to a conceptual mix of songs linked by a theme or mood, to a highly personal statement tailored to the tape's intended recipient. Essayist Geoffrey O'Brien has called the personal mix tape "the most widely practiced American art form," and many mix tape enthusiasts believe that by carefully selecting and ordering the tracks in a mix, an artistic statement can be created that is greater than the sum of its individual songs, much as an album of pop music in the post-Beatles era can be considered as something more than a collection of singles.

(From Wikipedia)

So here's a selection of old indie/dance tunes from the beginning of the '90s, designed to be listened from the first to the last but in these wonderful technological times I suppose you don't even have to fast forward the ones you don't like, just delete them!

I suppose like loads of people in the UK, my musical taste was influenced by John Peel & I got into indie & dance music around the same time, loving all the obscure tunes he played. I hope that you like them to!

Track one is Transglobal Underground "Templehead (Pacific Edit)", always start a mix tape with a song with a quiet or acapella start, as to build on the mood!

Transglobal Underground - Templehead (Pacific Edit)

Transglobal Underground's website & shop

Track 2, The Telescopes "Celestial", a funked out remix of the song "Celeste", real bass led epic tune!

The Telescopes - Celestial

The Telescopes on Wikipedia

Buy The Telescopes

3. The Nightblooms "Crystal Eyes", a track I heard on John Peel's show & one that I have kept throughout the years, a wall of sound not a world away from My Bloody Valentine.

The Nightblooms - Crystal Eyes

Discography on

4. The Field Mice "Missing the Moon", a track criminally missing from their reissued albums, New Order sounding synths & in my opinion the best Field Mice track (& the only one they released on 12"), I always think that St. Etienne were influenced by their sound (& covered one of their tunes "Lets Kiss & Make Up").

The Field Mice - Missing The Moon

Field Mice Biography

Buy The Field Mice CD's

5. Phoenix "Too Young (Zoot Woman Remix)", just excellent, remix by Jacques Le Cont, check out the new Phoenix album!

Phoenix - Too Young (Zoot Woman Remix)

We Are

Buy Phoenix CD's

6. One Dove "Transient Truth (Old Toys Remix)", bringing the mood down a notch, remixed by Andrew Weatherall.

One Dove - Transient Truth (Old Toys Remix)

One Dove's website

Buy One Dove

7. The theme tune to Robin's Nest as covered by Denim, once lead singer from the band Felt & making good use of the Moog Synth!

Denim - Robin's Nest

Buy the album

8. DMX Krew - DMX Funk (Rock Mix), released on Richard D James' Rephlex records, another single bought on the back of it being reduced in price & carrying on the synth theme.

DMX Krew - DMX Funk (Rock Mix)

DMX Krew homepage

Buy DMX Krew from Bleep

The last track, to end with a bang is Alter Ego's "Rocker", remixed by Earl Shilton, don't know anything about Earl Shilton except that it is a town in Leicestershire, England.

Alter Ego - Rocker (Earl Shilton Remix)

Alter Ego's record label

Buy Alter Ego

Thanks for listening! Let me know what you think!

Download the whole mix tape

Tiny Mix Tapes

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Felix Da Housecat - Control Freaq (No ears re-edit re-edit)

Given away free with the December 13th 2002 issue of DJ Magazine, City Rockers was the label at the time & I also loved the Coloursound single (Fly With Me, featured as a dub mix on the other side of the 7") so I purchased the mag, well worth it as you can see!
Anyone remember the Hula-Hoops advert with the Felix/Aphrohead track on it?

Felix Da Housecat - Control Freaq (No ears re-edit re-edit)

Felix Da Housecat dot com

Buy da Housecat stuff on Amazon

Double Trouble - House Mega-Mix

'80s Dance compilation "House Hits" (As seen on TV!) that I found at a carboot sale, the last side contains a mix of all the other tunes in it & some classic tunes at that! States the running time is exactly 10 minutes but plays for longer than that.
Check out the tracklisting (although not in playing order) at the ever wonderful discogs.

From sleevenotes by Malu Halasa, Blues & Soul;
For 2,000 years, House was something people lived in. Now, in the unpredictable Eighties, it has become something to dance to. Beginning as a kind of kitchen extension onto dance music, House was a place everyone needed to visit, but only the most wacked-out, Chicago jack addicts wanted to stay. But these modest foundations have developed into a mighty mansion large enough to accomodate everything from the underground, trance dance traxs in the basement up to the top pop climbers in the attic.
Originally, House was run, inspired & promoted by Chicago DJ's. The scene was characterised by constant, competitive bickering & stealing. The only point of agreement was that House began at Frankie Knuckles club, The Wharehouse - hence the name.
The technique of making the music was simplicity in itself, an 808 drum machine for the relentless 4-on-the-floor bassdrum beat, an old seventies song like "I Can't Turn Around" by Issac Hayes restructured with piercing, stabbing vocals & a clattering kitchen sink percussion. Old Philly, Soul, Loleatta Holloway, any of the big Seventies disco hits underwent treatment that revamped, modernised & unleased them as churning dancefloor frenzy into an unsuspecting public. People who went out for a good time returned with a baaad habit.

Double Trouble - House Mega-Mix

Needle Records on Froogle

Friday, June 09, 2006

Street Sounds Special!

In the UK, Morgan Khan made a developing genre of music financially accessible to an entire generation with his Streetsounds Electro series of compilation albums, ("Electro is aural sex!"). One of the biggest indie labels in the UK during the '80s, they helped break hundreds of Black Amercian hip-hop tunes in the UK through its compilations. I've found loads of Streetsounds in charity shops (except for the early Electro compilations which are like gold dust!). The label went bankrupt in the late 80s & closed down. But then it re-appeared in the late 90s to do a re-issue which never really took off. According to rumour, some German guys also bootlegged the first 8 of the Electro series. Back in 1999 Khan acquired the rights to the legendary Chicago tech-house label, Trax Records.
So, put your best foot backwards and retread the past, via some old friends...

The first mix here is the NY Side to the "New York vs LA Beats", classic Old Skool hip-hop tracks mixed together by Mastermind.

01 Afrika Bambaataa & Soulsonic Force - Planet Rock
02 Hashim - Al-Naafiysh (The Soul)
03 Captain Rock - The Return of Captain Rock
04 Aleem - Release Yourself
05 Man Parrish - Hip Hop Be Bop (Don't Stop)
06 Pumpkin - King of the Beat
07 The B-Boys - Two, Three Break
08 The Russell Brothers - The Party Scene (SV)
09 Fresh 3 MC's - Fresh
10 Whodini - Freaks Come Out At Night
11 UTFO - Roxanne, Roxanne

New York vs LA Beats - NY Side

Streetsounds Hip-Hop Electro 11 is worth it (in my opinion) just for the first track, Roxanne Shanté's "Def Fresh Crew", an excellent opener for any mix. I remember Justin Robertson using it for his JDJ mix (which I had on tape & left behind whilst moving house - "I'll never use tapes again" I swore, how wrong I was!)

A1 Roxanne Shanté - Def Fresh Crew
A2 Awesome Foursome - Monster Beat
A3 Captain Rock - You Stink
A4 Disco Four - Get Busy
A5 12:41 - Success Is The Word

Hip-Hop Electro 11 Side A

B1 The B-Boys - Girls - Part 2
B2 Stetsasonic - Just Say Stet
B3 The 2 Live Crew - What I Like
B4 Hashim - Primrose Path
B5 Dr. Jeckyll & Mr. Hyde - Butt Naked

Hip-Hop Electro 11 Side B

This last one (on Westside Records) is a bit of a cheesy megamix including interpretations/covers of "Who Found Who", "Yah Mo B There", "Was Dog a Doughnut", "The Real Thing", "20/20", "Lucky Star", "Jingo", "Bassline" & "Holiday".

Streetsounds Real Thing Mix

A-Z of Electro

Streetsounds albums for sale on ebay

Electro Vault selling Streetsounds

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Freeform Five - Bisous Bisous (Blue)

Free double mix CD given away when signing up for the Freeform Five website (this being one of them, coming with Pink & Blue CD labels), I couldn't stop listening to this CD when I received it throught the post! Loads of different styles mixed together, made me fall in love with Roxy Music! Saw Anu from Freeform Five play at Plug in Sheffield last year & kept hassling him to play Roxy Music (which he didn't & I apologise for my behaviour, sorry Anu!)

Freeform Five, the band, are confident that what they’ve made stands up as unique document of who they are and where they’ve all come from. As well as co-writing a song for the album with his old friend Gary from Snow Patrol, Nick was even vindicated in his provincial childhood music taste and got to record with his hero Vince Clarke of Depeche Mode and Erasure. Meanwhile Anu himself was able to fulfil a personal dream, flying out to the States to work on the final touches to the album with funk and hip hop mixing legend and Timbaland's go-to-man, Jimmy Douglass.

1. Francois de Roubaix - La Mer est Grande (Carl Craig remix)
2. Patrick & Raymond - Bushfukka
3 Thomas Brinkmann - Wait a Minute
4. DJ Gregory - Afromobile
5. Blakkat - Breathe Don't Stop
6. Kenny Dope - Frenzy
7. Style of Eye - Right Now!
8. Zongamin - Serious Trouble
9. Freeform Five - Eeeeaaooww
10. Spektrum - Kinda New (Tiefschwarz dub)
11. Freeform Five - Break Me (Jackson remix)
12. The Electric Soft Parade - Headacheville
13. The Impossible Dreamers - Ga Ga
14. DJ Hell - Keep on Waiting
15. Graffiti - What is the Problem? (Zongamin mix)
16. The Emporer Machine - Pro Mars
17. Trina - B R Right (Acapella)
18. Roxy Music - Love is the Drug
19. Motion - Y U Fall
20. !!! - Me and Giuliani Down by the School Yard
21. LFO - Freak
22. NERD - Lapdance (Freeform Reform)
23. Freeform Five - Have It Your Way (Freeform Reform dub)
24. Freeform Five - Perspex Sex (Ewan's Hi-Nrg mix)

Freeform Five - Bisous Bisous (Blue)

Freeform Five dot com

Freeform Five's myspace

Stuff to buy

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Faithless - The Bedroom Sessions

Classic tracks picked by Rollo, Maxi Jazz and Sister Bliss & given away free with the August 2001 issue of Mixmag, along similar lines to their "Back To Mine" mix.


1 Nuyorican Soul - Black Gold Of The Sun (5:08)
2 Dillinger - Cocaine In My Brain (Groove Corporation Mix) (5:53)
3 Wayne Smith - Under Me Sleng Teng (3:45)
4 A Man Called Adam - Estelle (6:17)
5 Cry Sisco! - Afrodizziact (Oakenfold's Raid Mix) (5:47)
6 Bent - Swollen (7:15)
7 Tom McRae - You Cut Her Hair (2:24)
8 Jestofunk - Can We Live (6:13)
9 Fallout - Morning After (Sunrise Mix) (6:29)
10 Orr-Some - We Can Make It (Hardcore Remix) (4:54)
11 MJ Cole - Sincere (5:36)
12 Nick Drake - River Man (4:19)

Faithless - The Bedroom Sessions

Faithless website

Buy Faithless cd's

Buy this CD from ebay

Check out the Back To Mine series

Monday, June 05, 2006

Classic Recordings Mix

Given away with Seven Magazine back in 2002 & mixed by Lil Dan & the Ginger Prince, some nice funky techy house tunes on here, especially the Tiefschwarz & Freeform Five tracks & a cool mix by the Sheffield lads Swag!

"Over the course of 30 releases, Mixmag Live has crossed genres and broken boundries, acurately spanning a decade of dance. It is with this experience behind us that we move onto our latest and most hotly anticipated series to date: '7 Live'. In May of 1999, DMC took another pioneering step in the world of music oublishing by launching Britains first ever weekly dance music magazine, entitled 7. In its short life 7 is already regarded as the leading light in dance music, both by industry figures and dance music fanatics alike. On the back of this success, '7 Live' will pick up from where its big brother left off and continue to release high quality DJ Mix compilations. '7 Live' will be synonymous with the best in cuttin edge dance music and club culture." - Quote from DMC World.

01 Iz & Diz - Mouth (Bred Peep's Remix For Friends)
02 Metro Area - Pina (SWAG's Mas Jugo Dub)
03 Atlantic Fusion - Sanctuary
04 Stefan Goldmann - Say What
05 Tiefschwarz - Acid Soul
06 Freeform Five - Perspex Sex (Freefrom Reform Dub)
07 Induceve - Monolevel
08 Brett Johnson - Jiffy Pop
09 The Digital Kid - Bleeps And Noises
10 Rob Mello - Fantasize
11 DJ Bang - DJ Bang Make You Jiu-Jitsu (Emotional)
12 Nail - Slap My Ass
13 DJ Sneak - The Rhythm Slave (Sneaky Slave Mix)
14 Home & Garden - Sexuality (JT's Porno Beat Down Remix)
15 Derrick Carter - Where U At, Now?
16 Greens Keepers - Should I Sing Like This (D's 'Sing Like That' Re-edit)

Classic Recordings Mix

Classic Recordings Website

Classic Recordings Shop (closed at present...) buy yer tunes from here!

UPDATE ONLINE, Seven Magazine's evolution from its demise

Friday, June 02, 2006

Shameless Self Promotion

Thought I'd better stick with the philosophy of Cover Mount Cassette & post up some of the "home made tracks", I haven't made any for a while but a couple of years ago I got into the mash-up/bootleg scene & decided to make some of my own, my 1st attempt was an hour long mix titled "Wallpaper" after the cut & paste method of making tunes of which I received praise & constructive criticism for, listening to it now some of it is a bit cheesy (although some of it was intended to be) & I started an attempt to edit out the bit I didn't like which has now been put on hold....
So here's a couple of other tunes I made back in 2004; "Birthday", which is a mash-up of The Beatles "Birthday", 50 Cent "In The Club", 50 Pence "In The Pub (acapella)", Stevie wonder "Happy Birthday" and the Team “On-Key” robotic mc’s!

tmunki - Birthday

Some Dutch site makes comment on the tune!

& this guy has placed the tune in his own mix but how do I listen to it?

And this tune is a mash-up between The White Stripes "The Hardest Button to Button", Ce Ce Penistone "Finally (acapella)" & Eric B & Rakim "I Know You Got Soul", taken from an aborted mix idea I had called "Bunny Boiler" after some disasterous date I went on where the girl just wouldn't leave my house for days & wouldn't take no for an answer!

The Hardest Button to Finally Button On

Have got some other dj mixes & ones that I want to do but need some serious editing first! Any revenue made from the advertising will go straight into web space & further promotion so get clicking, it costs you nowt!

Wallpaper mix on b00mb0x (except even I couldn't get to download it!)

The Ragga Twins - Wipe The Needle

Another bargain bin purchase on Shut Up & Dance Records,The Ragga Twins consist of Flinty Badman (Trevor Destouche) and Deman Rocker (David Destouche). Both were respected MC's starting of in a North London sound system called UNITY and formed The Ragga Twins in early 1990. I liked this one as it starts off with a nice reggae sample then the breaks kick in!

The Ragga Twins - Wipe The Needle

Buy the 12"

or buy it from here instead

Lambchop - Up With People (Zero 7 Mix)

Disco Pogo For Punks In Pumps Vol. 2 given away with the December 2002 issue of Jockey Slut contains this fantastic song that I have rediscovered, the chorus is just fantastic! Lambchop is Nashville's most fucked-up country band. They aren't influenced by country music--they influence country music. Their music is even smoother than Del Reeves, and they have more musicians than Tanya Tucker's bathroom antics: two guitars, one bass, two drummers, pedal steel guitar, open-end wrenches, lacquer-thinner can, organ, xylophone, euphonium, trombone, baritone sax, trumpet, clarinet, bongoes, resonating metal square, and a vanilla extract bottle. Although they strive to be truly Nashville, they are virtually ignored in Nashville. In a town where every No. 1 single is recognized with a splashy Billboard overlooking the offices on Music Row, they labor quietly and diligently, waiting for the day when someone--Tony Brown, Aubrey Mayhew, Faith Hill--will return their phone calls or sexual advances. Chet Atkins may have turned his back on country music, but Lambchop haven't. As they discreetly continue to develop the New Nashville Sound in recording studios all across Music City, they know the day will come when the deadbeat moms and dads of country music will fess up and recognize their illegitimate children as the true inheritors of country music.

Lambchop - Up With People (Zero 7 Mix)

Loads of stuff to buy with Up With People on it

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Groove Armada - The Dirty House Session

Given away with the March 2002 issue of Muzik, Groove Armada are not necessarily known for their mighty DJ'ing skills but for all the killer tunes they have made in the past (At the River, I See You Baby, Superstyling, etc). I think I saw them playing at Bed nightclub in Sheffield although did they step in for someone else or not turn up at all, damn my memory! Anyway, enough of my digressing, check out this excellent mix!


1 Duji - Be Careful What You Say (5:14)
2 Planet Funk - Inside All The People (Harvey´s Sleepy Ibiza Mix) (4:51)
3 Faze Action - Turn The Point (Beats) (2:09)
4 Cousin Grizzly - Centre Fold (5:25)
5 Essa - Africans In Space (5:02)
6 Digs, Woosh & Mr Ski - Rumpfunk (6:48)
7 Whiplash - Cryin' (4:30)
8 Defenders of The Faith - Space Baby (5:57)
9 Groove Armada - Pillar 13 (4:41)
10 Groove Armada - Superstylin' (Groove Armada's Diskotek Mix) (4:02)
11 Dee Zee - I Have A Feeling (Soul Purpose Remix) (3:01)
12 Motorfunk - Champagne (5:49)

Groove Armada - The Dirty House Session

Groove Armada's website

Wikipedia Groove Armada

Buy Groove Armada on Amazon

Go out & see them play!