Saturday, October 28, 2006

The Chemical Brothers - NME Dust Up

So as I ressurect the site (in a slow and haphazard manner so beware!) here's the mix that kickstarted it all and is re-posted by request, given away back in December 1994 and mixed by The Chemical Brothers under The Dust Brothers moniker.

NME Dust Up


Prohibition69 said...

Damn. Missed em again. A friend of mine had a Fatboy Slim NME mixtape(my copy is long gone)-I never even heard of this one till i saw your site. Any chance of you re-uppin this on z-share? Cheers in any case.

johnnyroyale said...

missed the download by quite some time. would it be possible to put it up on a share site again ? you can contact me directly if you get the time to do this. or leave the link here again. hope you can. merry xmas