Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Suzuki K1 >> 7.5cc - Satellite Serenade (Transasianexpress Mix)

Just updating the links and thought I would update this post, brilliant ambient track remixed by The Orb with a brilliant sample from David Attenborough.

Suzuki K1 >> 7.5cc - Satellite Serenade (Transasianexpress Mix)

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domestic empire said...

Satellite Serenade and Blue Room bring back happy memories of festive Glastonbury days when the sun shone all year round, John Peel, only a handful of TV channels and you'd still have change for you bus fare home.

This was just before the Orb became shit and everybody started mixing the drums too high and placing secondary importance on melody.

Me, cynical? Fuckin' right am I. (";)