Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Pete Tong's Deep Funk Theory

The only time I think about putting stuff on the site these days is when I have something else to do, again am in the middle of writing an assignment but am so easily distracted! Given away with the September 2000 issue of Mixmag.

This is Pete Tong at the top of his game, delivering deep, underground music from the darker corners of the nation's dancefloors. This mix contains the kind of tunes that Tongy has championed in his Mixmag column over the last 18 months and in sets at clubs including Bugged Out! and Bedrock. He calls this music 'wet and hard' but we're too scared to ask what he means. Tom Whitwell, Mixmag

1 Lemon Interupt - Bigmouth (6:02)
2 Peace Division presents Dark Days - Feel My Drums (3:47)
3 Peace Division - BE U 4T (3:29)
4 H-Foundation - Hear Dis Sound (5:47)
5 The Aloof - Doing It For Money (Peaking Dub) (5:17)
6 DJ Garth presents - Twenty Minutes Of Disco Glory (The Acid Rock Mix) (5:00)
7 DJ Technique - My Definiton (Lee Coombs Acid House Breaks Mix) (4:57)
8 Oscar Goldman - Thrust 2 (2:58)
9 The Armadillos - Drop & Hope (5:50)
10 Slide - Closure (5:09)
11 Pariah - Ruffneck Rhythm (4:53)
12 Boom! - Everybody Rock It (Peace Division's Boomin' Dub Mix) (4:38)
13 Morel - True (The Faggot Is You) (16B Remix) (5:01the)
14 Corvin Dalek - Gimme Two Fingers (4:31)
15 Timo Maas - Psycho Phunk (5:56)
16 Bushwacka! - Healer (3:20)

Pete Tong's Deep Funk Theory

Have changed the link & uploaded it to 320k, those who have already downloaded can get the missing track by clicking on the track


Anonymous said...

Sounds good, but where's DJ Garth?
Good luck with the assignment :o)

tmunki said...

Sorry! It's there now

Anonymous said...

Ahh, cheers mate :o)

Anonymous said...

i love slide - closure.....

great post

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