Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Alex P & Brandon Block - Big Messy Summer

Does what it says on the tin - had a bloody nightmare trying to post this (2nd time lucky!), lets hope things only get messier for the better! Given away free with the August 2002 issue of Ministry magazine.
Brandon Block and Alex P are legends in clubland. Notorious for their substance intake, famed for their antics and even occasionally enjoyed for their DJing, it’s no surprise that they jointly won last year’s Muzik magazine award for Caner Of The Year. Of the two, Brandon Block seems most willing to push his luck – he’d already won the Muzik award twice - but Alex P can certainly hold his own in the hedonism stakes. They first met in the late eighties at Haven Stables in Ealing, where Block had a residency. They didn’t see each other again until 1991 when, the story goes, Alex stole a bus from outside Pacha in Ibiza and, off his face, drove it to San Antonio where he turn up at the door of Block’s apartment. Soon after, the two set up an impromptu party on the terrace – then used as the cloakroom - of the Space club. The terrace at Space has since become part of the fabric of Ibiza, much like Block and P themselves. Since then they’ve always been something of a double act, although they DJ individually just as much as they do together. They released a record as Pee Zee & Blocko called Release Yourself on the shortlived Two's Company label and together have amassed a bizarre catalogue of remixes, including Mandy Smith’s Just Can't Wait and rap group Black Sheep’s North, South, East, West. Then there’s the Friday night show on Kiss 100 FM, Peeze and Blocko's House, and the joint Ibiza residencies at pretty much every venue on the island over the years. As DJs, they’re no purists and will play anything that works on the dancefloor, which usually means full-on party anthems from the word go.
Thanks to DJ Profile!

1 TDI - Lick Da Punk
2 Reckless - Still In The Groove

Midnight Society - Strange Shades of Light
4 Horsejam - Crow

5 Cheech - Rocksteady

Sneaker Pimps - Blood (Dark Monks Remix)
7 Milo - Jungle Of Mirrors

8 Sidekicks - Tricks

9 Marco Bellini - Dirty

10 Squential - Que Lindo

Capoeira Twins - Lose Control (Ian Wilkie Mix)
12 TDI - Illusion

Freq Nasty - Fresh

Alex P & Brandon Block - Big Messy Summer

Brandon's site

Peezee's site


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