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A Man Called Adam - Ibiza Chillout

Bit of an Ibiza special this weekend as I can't be arsed doing much & just want to chill out! This CD given away with the June 1999 issue of Ministry Magazine has on it the cream of the chill out genre, including the essential "Les Nuits" by Nightmares On Wax alongside a rare remix by Groove Armada!

A Man Called Adam was originally founded as a jazz band, led by Sally Rodgers, Steve Jones, and Paul Daley (later to form Leftfield). Signed to the pioneering Acid Jazz Records enabled the group to find more gigs, and debut with a pair of singles. These early recordings, "A.P.B." and "Earthly Powers," reflected more recent influences -- namely the acid-house explosion which had rocked British clubs and charts during the late '80s. Winnowed down to a threesome of Rodgers/Jones/Daley, A Man Called Adam signed to Big Life in 1990 and just missed the British Top 40 that year with "Barefoot in the Head." After Daley left the fold, Rodgers and Jones followed with their first LP, The Apple. Unhappy with their treatment by Big Life (a sentiment echoed by the Orb at the same time), Rodgers and Jones decided to form their own label, Other Records, with design artist and longtime friend Steve "Jaffa" Gribbin.

Perhaps due to their new interests in label management, Rodgers and Jones didn't release much A Man Called Adam material during the mid-'90s. (They did have some input on the Fear of Flying LP released by Other act Sensory Productions, and released singles on Other as Beachflea). By the end of the decade, the brand of uptempo yet slightly melancholy jazz-house pioneered by the duo became incredibly popular as a soundtrack for British club-kids vacationing in the dancefloor paradise known as Ibiza. The singles "Easter Song," "Estelle," and "All My Favourite People (Stay with Me)" became Ibiza anthems, and A Man Called Adam made appearances on many club compilations. The pair's second album, Duende, finally appeared in 1998

1 A Man Called Adam - Easter Song (6:14)
2 MC Sultan - Der Bauch (8:20)
3 Language Lab - Burning Disaster (Groove Armada Remix) (6:06)
4 Coco Steel & Lovebomb - Sunset (A Reminiscent Drive Mix) (7:08)
5 Thievery Corporation - Lebanese Blonde (Instrumental) (5:25)
6 Nightmares On Wax - Les Nuits (6:10)
7 Femi Kuti - Beng Beng Beng (Mateo & Matos Vocal Mix) (8:00)
8 Electribe 101 - Electribal Memories (4:27)
9 Hefner - An Evening With Hefner Part 3 (3:21)

A Man Called Adam - Ibiza Chillout

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