Monday, July 10, 2006

DJ & Kingsize Records Present : Chicken Lips / SwitchKraft Soundclash

2 mixes given away free on one CD with DJ Magazine back in 2001, including one of my all time favourite tracks "He Not In"!

Stafford based Dean Meredith and Andy Meecham have their history firmly planted in pioneering music. As Bizarre Inc the boys defined early acid house and rave culture (and cemented it’s crossover potential with 3 UK top ten hits) and as Chicken Lips they have been the catalyst for the now well established punk-funk, nu-disco and electro-house scenes.

Signing to Kingsize Records in 1999, the home of Andy Meecham’s Sir Drew alias since the demise of Acid Jazz offshoot Athletico in the mid ‘90’s (where Meredith had also been recordings his Psychedelia Smith material) the lads were reunited and Chicken Lips was born.

EPs entitled “Big Legs”, “Git Back” and “Shoe Beast” not only displayed the guys irreverent sense of humour but also their love for the combination of live and electronic sounds. These releases found favour with everyone from Pete Tong to James Lavelle and set the Chicken Lips stall out perfectly before the release of their debut LP, “Echoman”, in 2000.

The second studio album, “Extended Play”, followed in 2002 and yet again marked out the boys as innovators with it’s rich combination of disco and dub vibes sounding like nothing else around at the time. In between these two albums, the singles kept coming and one, “He Not In”, managed to blow out of control and slowly become an anthem courtesy of support by a massive range of DJs. It’s NY Electro-Disco stylings, huge riff and swaggering beats are widely credited as the catalyst for the ‘80’s electro revival. The track also broke out of the underground and onto our screens as it became the soundtrack to a very successful Smirnoff Vodka advertising campaign.

1 Shrinkwrap - Illegal Entry (Chicken Lips Heavy Heavy Dub)
2 Chicken Lips - He Not In
3 Chicken Lips - Do It Proper
4 Chicken Lips - Jerk Chicken
5 Organic Audio - Nurega (Chicken Lips Mix)

Chicken Lips Mix

Chicken Lips bio & discography

SwitchKraft are Derry based producers David Karran and Paul Beales. They have been producing on and off now for 9 years under various guises such as Hypenagogic & Architects of Sound. They featured their ‘debut’ live set at Celtronic Festival 2001 to critical acclaim and success holding their own for the local talent alongside the big established names. Since then SwitchKraft have gone on to sign for Kingsize Records and have released the highly creditable Sans Mute Trilogy EPs.

1 Switchkraft - Whitenoise
2 Switchkraft - Confidence
3 Switchkraft - Music Lover
4 Switchkraft - Sinc-O-Matic

Switchkraft Mix

Switchkraft mp3's to buy at Track It Down

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