Saturday, July 15, 2006

The Best of Mixmag Live

Given away free with the September 1997 issue of Mixmag, each track taken from one of the 1st 23 volumes of Mixmag live.
Mixmag Live burst into life in 1991. Back then, market stalls and independent dance shops across the country were meeting the demand for DJ mix tapes - bootlegs to you and me, pal. Entrepreneurial types with access to a DAT machine and the spare output from the DJ's mixer were churning them out like nobody's business. We've all got one or two in our collection somewhere and let's face it, apart from the sound quality some of them were pretty good. They at least helped to explain to our still unenlightened friends just exactly what we were banging on about when we talked of DJs in revered terms. As artists.
The problem was of course, was that the artists weren't getting paid. The DJ often didn't know that he or she was being recorded. The record producers didn't even get credited on the badly photocopied cassette inlay, let alone get any dosh. And the punters were buying some very lo-fi recordings on rusty-looking tapes that always seemed to chew up in your car stereo half-way through your favourite breakdown.
So we did something about it. Dave Seaman and Carl Cox put together two sparkling mixes for "Mixmag Live Volume 1". Everyone got paid, the DJs, the producers, the songwriters. And the people who bought the first tape, mail order from this magazine's erstwhile HQ in Slough, were buying a bit of history. It was the worlds first ever legal DJ mix compilation. It didn't screw up your dad's hi-fi. You could finally read the name of the artist who had made that tune you'd been trying to hum to bewildered shop assistants for two months. And it had something in common with every subsequent volume of Mixmag Live since: it fucking rocked.
Jake Mansell - Label Manager, Mixmag Live

Intro - Dupree - Brass Disk (Brassapella Mix)
1 Sheer Bronze - Walking On (Fire Island Mix)(5:46)
2 DJ Sneak - You Can't Hide From Your Bud (2:56)
3 Helicopter - On Ya Way (1:59)
4 Dupree - Brass Disk (Bring The Madness Version) (3:24)
5 Paperclip People - Throw (3:05)
6 Country & Western - Positive Energy (Hanson & Nelson Remix) (2:39)
7 Brothers Love Dubs - Mings Incredible Disco Machine (Big Baaad Ming Mix) (1:33)
8 The Future Sound Of London - Papua New Guinea (12" Original) (2:49)
9 Loveland - Let The Music (Lift You Up) (4:39)
10 Gat Decor - Passion (Naked Mix) (2:12)
11 Jaco - Show Some Love (Original Dub Remix) (4:07)
12 Energy 52 - Café Del Mar (Three 'n One Remix) (6:41)
13 2 Bad Mice - Bombscare (1:42)
14 Joey Beltram - Energy Flash (2:56)
15 F.U.S.E. - Substance Abuse (2:04)
16 Second Phase - Mentasm (1:37)
17 DJ Skull - Target Kill (1:59)
18 Aphrohead - In Dark We Live (Thee Lite) (Dave Clarke's 313 Mix) (2:15)
19 Roni Size - It's A Jazz Thing (Electric Boogie Mix) (3:35)
20 Deep Blue & Blame - Re-Transitions (2:15)
21 Funky Technicians - Airtight (3:35)
22 The Orb - Blue Room (2:15)
23 Dubtribe Sound System - Mother Earth (3:21)

The Best of Mixmag Live

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