Friday, July 14, 2006

The Wiseguys - Wall Of Sound Essentials

Some definite "essentials" in this mix by Touché, given away with Muzik magazine back in May 2000.
UK hip-hop and big beat outfit the Wiseguys started as a duo, but is now one man, Touché, aka Theo Keating. Hip-hop obsessives, Touché and Regal met while at college in Clerkenwell, London. Regal was working with the Direct Current MCs and Touché joined through a mutual friend. They released an independent single, "Keep In Step" in 1990 and began to assemble primitive pieces from the breakbeat tracks they had collected, using record decks and a tape recorder. In 1992, Regal and Touché began to work on tracks for Solo E, who was managed by Rene Gelston, head of the Blackmarket International label. Gelston liked what he heard and asked them to record for the label. In 1994, as the Wiseguys, they released the EP Ladies Say Ow!. It received support from high profile DJs on London's booming acid jazz/hip-hop scene, such as Gilles Peterson and Patrick Forge. The newly-formed label, Wall Of Sound licensed "The Real Vibes' for its first Give "Em Enough Dope compilation, and released the double a-side, "Nil By Mouth"/"Too Easy', in April 1995. An old friend of Touché's, New York City-based rapper, Sense Live, provided rhymes for the Wiseguys" second album The Antidote, released in August 1998.
Touché is a popular DJ on the big beat scene in Europe, usually working as part of the Wall Of Sound collective of DJs/artists. He has also supported labelmates Propellerheads on tour, and enjoyed commercial success in May 1999 with the UK number 2 single "Ooh La La". The song originally peaked outside the Top 50 in summer 1998, but was picked up second time around thanks to its extensive use in a television advertisement for Budweiser lager.

1 Zoot Woman - Chasing Cities (E-Klektik's Death Disco Mix)
2 Akasha - Crazy Baby (Groove Armada's Presque Celebre Mix)
3 Ceasefire - Trickshot
4 The Wiseguys - Better World Part 2
5 Propellerheads - Comintagetcha
6 Les Rythmes Digitales - Jacques Your Body (Make Me Sweat)
7 The Strike Boys - Jet Set (The Micronauts Remix)
8 Wreckage Inc. - Chase (The Strike Boys Mix)
9 Dirty Beatniks - The New Adventures Of Sandy & Bud
10 Mekon - Welcome To Tackletown (Propellerheads Mix)
11 Pascal R - Killing
12 Psycho Cowboys - Come On Baby
13 Themroc - The Boy Can't Take It

The Wiseguys - Wall Of Sound Essentials

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