Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Dillinger - Wood Woodpecker

Can't remember where I found this 12" plastered with "Limited Edition" over it, an old friend used to call me Woody for some reason & I associated this song with said nickname.

Dillinger, born Lester Bullocks on January 25, 1953, is a prominent reggae artist. Dillinger was part of the second wave of DJ Toasters who sprung up around Jamaica during the mid 1970s. Inspired by Big Youth, U Roy, and Dennis Alcapone, Dillinger was known for his quick wit and humourous lyrics.

As a youth growing up in Kingston, Jamaica, Dillinger would hang around Dennis Alcapone's El Paso Setup. This exposure would eventually lead to a full time gig at Jackie's sound system. Just as Alcapone took his performing name from a famous American gangster, Dillinger took his own name from John Dillinger.

Dillinger - Wood Woodpecker

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