Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Touche - Stable Manners

Cassettes were such a nightmare, the boxes were always crap & always broke, the cover tapes came in nice cardboard covers, except I always lost them! Given away free with DJ Magazine in 1996, nice Wall of Sound showcase mixed by the Wiseguy himself, Touché!

1 Wiseguys, The Casino 'Sans Pareil'
2 Dirty Beatniks More Danger
3 Propellerheads Go Faster
4 Naked All Stars Hot Pursuit
5 Akasha Brown Sugar (Les Rythmes Digitales Mix)
6 Mekon Welcome To Tackletown (Propellerheads Mix)
7 Hustlers Of Culture Runnin' Wild 'N' Free
8 Agent Provocateur Elvis Economics (Les Rythmes Digitales Mix)
9 Zoot Woman Chasing Cities

Stable Manners

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Anonymous said...

Please please re-up!!

I used to love this tape and lost or wore it out a long time ago. I'm desperate to hear it again!

guillermo, mijael, paquito, etc etc said...

This is a most-wanted man!
pls reupload if you still have it...

Anonymous said...

This HAS to be reuploaded, so many memories from this tape and desperate to hear it again!