Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Golden Claw Musics - Diggin' the Dancing Weed 10" Single

Golden Claw Musics was the main musical project of Graham Crabb after he left the band Pop Will Eat Itself in 1995. Crabb had been making music which was leaning more towards the Ambient genre and therefore too chilled for a PWEI release for up to five years prior to the split. In 1993 he remixed Pop Will Eat Itself's 'Get the Girl, Kill the Baddies' as a B-side called 'Part Man Part Machine', prompting him to release more of his ambient material. Another remix of Pop Will Eat Itself's song 'Cape Connection' was released on the limited 2CD edition of the album 'Two Fingers My Friends'. He released the album All Blue Review with Eno engineer Marcus Dravs on Infectious Records in July 1994 to critical acclaim. It has a distinctly 'aquatic' feel to it, with gentle waves crashing and whale noises (among other things) throughout. Sadly they have not released any more material to date.

I bought this classy orange vinyl 10" from Circles Records in Rotherham, the woman in there always stank of tuna & had crazy permed hair, this is the tune on it I loved the most...

Golden Claw Musics - Stoned

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