Thursday, May 11, 2006

Winston Turner & The Tufftones - Rastafari

Bought this four track 12" from a second hand shop in the Isle of Man, the biggest one I have ever been in, think it was an old airplane hanger! Would never have imagined that Reggae would have ever made it to the Isle of Man (obviously they didn't like it as I bought it for a pound!)
Cant find much out about The Tufftones & this single except Produced and mixed by Ossie Ranks, Recorded at 'One Watt' Studios, London 1986.

Winston Turner & The Tufftones - Rastafari

12" available from here!

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amhari said...

Winston turner is now amhari originally rawdeal the writer for bim sherman tracks entitled over the rainbow and brother and sister amhari also vocal for reggae on top he ls now working on hls own project at his company masterclass music media the.
The tack rastafari and digital style are the only releases by ossie.