Friday, May 19, 2006

The Aloof - One Night Stand (The Long Night & The Samba)

Me & my mum heard this tune whilst in the car the day Princess Di died, not the most apt song to relate to my mother or Lady Di! Another 12" found in the bargain bin, excellent epic mix by Ashley Beedle. Full line up includes: Ricky Barrow- Vocals. Gary Burns- Keyboards, bass guitar. Jagz Kooner- Programming, enginering. Richard Thair- Drums, percussion. Dean Thatcher- Keyboards. After leaving The Aloof, Richard Thair went of to play drums for the group Red Snapper. Also Gary Burns, Jagz Kooner, and Dean Thatcher (along with Andrew Weatherall) make up the group Sabres of Paradise.

The Aloof - One Night Stand (The Long Night & The Samba)

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Forza Garibaldi said...

Great blog. Found it whilst looking for this track. I've got the CD single in my hang which I've spent an hour trying to rip and failing due to a ton of scratches.

Really hoping you can give me a new link to the mp3 - it's not available anywhere that I can see, not even paid.

Anyway, fingers crossed, and hope you start posting again!


HOLLO said...

Hi Please could you re-upload Aloof - One Night Stand

My vinyl copy is warped all through the intro.


Anonymous said...

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