Friday, May 12, 2006

Indian Vibes - Mathar (Richard Fearless Remix)

Cool tune from back in 1998, a cover version no less! "Mathar" became (and remains) a huge club hit, and was recorded by Paul Weller (on Electric Sitar) under the guise of Indian Vibes for a now insanely rare French single on Yellow Productions (YP001M) in 1994. The Weller single was reissued in the UK on Virgin as a 12", and Pike’s original was released as a 12" (complete with techno remixes, no less) on Outcaste (Out9x). Clearly, this song’s rediscovery in the late 1980’s, and it’s subsequent fervor among rare groove and funk jazz fans has been instrumental in revitalizing Pike’s career. Still, the majority of the aforementioned reissues aren’t readily available to the masses.

Don't know if I ever listened to the Richard Fearless mix much, couldn't stop listening to the original! But I did check it out when going through my collection, nice dubby electronic mix!

Indian Vibes - Mathar (Richard Fearless Remix)

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Loads of places to buy Mathar on Froogle!

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