Saturday, May 13, 2006

Deadly Avenger - Ministry presents...B-Boy 2000

Free CD given away with the September 1999 issue of Ministry, now defunct magazine from the people behind the Ministry of Sound club in London. If anyone has heard his Fabric Mix CD this is well worth a listen!

1 Deadly Avenger King Tito's Gloves (5:01)
2 Bobby Hughes Sahara 72 (3:02)
3 DJ Format English Lesson (2:17)
4 Jadell Come On And Get Some (3:43)
5 Nine Bar Closing In (Richard Sen Remix) (2:06)
6 Rahzel All I Know (1:39)
7 Porn Theatre Ushers Me & Him (3:16)

Deadly Avenger - Ministry presents...B-Boy 2000

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