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Indie/Dance Mix Tape

A mix tape (commonly the two words are stuck together as mixtape) is a home-made compilation of songs (typically copyrighted music taken from other sources) recorded in a specific order, traditionally onto a compact audio cassette.

With the advent of affordable, consumer-level digital audio, creating and distributing mixes in the form of a compact disc or MP3 playlist has become the contemporary method of choice, but the term mix tape is still commonly used, and will be used throughout this article to refer to mixes in different media (CD, MP3, MiniDisc, audio cassette, etc.).

A mix tape, which usually reflects the musical tastes of its compiler, can range from a casually selected list of favorite songs, to a conceptual mix of songs linked by a theme or mood, to a highly personal statement tailored to the tape's intended recipient. Essayist Geoffrey O'Brien has called the personal mix tape "the most widely practiced American art form," and many mix tape enthusiasts believe that by carefully selecting and ordering the tracks in a mix, an artistic statement can be created that is greater than the sum of its individual songs, much as an album of pop music in the post-Beatles era can be considered as something more than a collection of singles.

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So here's a selection of old indie/dance tunes from the beginning of the '90s, designed to be listened from the first to the last but in these wonderful technological times I suppose you don't even have to fast forward the ones you don't like, just delete them!

I suppose like loads of people in the UK, my musical taste was influenced by John Peel & I got into indie & dance music around the same time, loving all the obscure tunes he played. I hope that you like them to!

Track one is Transglobal Underground "Templehead (Pacific Edit)", always start a mix tape with a song with a quiet or acapella start, as to build on the mood!

Transglobal Underground - Templehead (Pacific Edit)

Transglobal Underground's website & shop

Track 2, The Telescopes "Celestial", a funked out remix of the song "Celeste", real bass led epic tune!

The Telescopes - Celestial

The Telescopes on Wikipedia

Buy The Telescopes

3. The Nightblooms "Crystal Eyes", a track I heard on John Peel's show & one that I have kept throughout the years, a wall of sound not a world away from My Bloody Valentine.

The Nightblooms - Crystal Eyes

Discography on

4. The Field Mice "Missing the Moon", a track criminally missing from their reissued albums, New Order sounding synths & in my opinion the best Field Mice track (& the only one they released on 12"), I always think that St. Etienne were influenced by their sound (& covered one of their tunes "Lets Kiss & Make Up").

The Field Mice - Missing The Moon

Field Mice Biography

Buy The Field Mice CD's

5. Phoenix "Too Young (Zoot Woman Remix)", just excellent, remix by Jacques Le Cont, check out the new Phoenix album!

Phoenix - Too Young (Zoot Woman Remix)

We Are

Buy Phoenix CD's

6. One Dove "Transient Truth (Old Toys Remix)", bringing the mood down a notch, remixed by Andrew Weatherall.

One Dove - Transient Truth (Old Toys Remix)

One Dove's website

Buy One Dove

7. The theme tune to Robin's Nest as covered by Denim, once lead singer from the band Felt & making good use of the Moog Synth!

Denim - Robin's Nest

Buy the album

8. DMX Krew - DMX Funk (Rock Mix), released on Richard D James' Rephlex records, another single bought on the back of it being reduced in price & carrying on the synth theme.

DMX Krew - DMX Funk (Rock Mix)

DMX Krew homepage

Buy DMX Krew from Bleep

The last track, to end with a bang is Alter Ego's "Rocker", remixed by Earl Shilton, don't know anything about Earl Shilton except that it is a town in Leicestershire, England.

Alter Ego - Rocker (Earl Shilton Remix)

Alter Ego's record label

Buy Alter Ego

Thanks for listening! Let me know what you think!

Download the whole mix tape

Tiny Mix Tapes

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