Saturday, June 10, 2006

Double Trouble - House Mega-Mix

'80s Dance compilation "House Hits" (As seen on TV!) that I found at a carboot sale, the last side contains a mix of all the other tunes in it & some classic tunes at that! States the running time is exactly 10 minutes but plays for longer than that.
Check out the tracklisting (although not in playing order) at the ever wonderful discogs.

From sleevenotes by Malu Halasa, Blues & Soul;
For 2,000 years, House was something people lived in. Now, in the unpredictable Eighties, it has become something to dance to. Beginning as a kind of kitchen extension onto dance music, House was a place everyone needed to visit, but only the most wacked-out, Chicago jack addicts wanted to stay. But these modest foundations have developed into a mighty mansion large enough to accomodate everything from the underground, trance dance traxs in the basement up to the top pop climbers in the attic.
Originally, House was run, inspired & promoted by Chicago DJ's. The scene was characterised by constant, competitive bickering & stealing. The only point of agreement was that House began at Frankie Knuckles club, The Wharehouse - hence the name.
The technique of making the music was simplicity in itself, an 808 drum machine for the relentless 4-on-the-floor bassdrum beat, an old seventies song like "I Can't Turn Around" by Issac Hayes restructured with piercing, stabbing vocals & a clattering kitchen sink percussion. Old Philly, Soul, Loleatta Holloway, any of the big Seventies disco hits underwent treatment that revamped, modernised & unleased them as churning dancefloor frenzy into an unsuspecting public. People who went out for a good time returned with a baaad habit.

Double Trouble - House Mega-Mix

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