Thursday, June 08, 2006

Freeform Five - Bisous Bisous (Blue)

Free double mix CD given away when signing up for the Freeform Five website (this being one of them, coming with Pink & Blue CD labels), I couldn't stop listening to this CD when I received it throught the post! Loads of different styles mixed together, made me fall in love with Roxy Music! Saw Anu from Freeform Five play at Plug in Sheffield last year & kept hassling him to play Roxy Music (which he didn't & I apologise for my behaviour, sorry Anu!)

Freeform Five, the band, are confident that what they’ve made stands up as unique document of who they are and where they’ve all come from. As well as co-writing a song for the album with his old friend Gary from Snow Patrol, Nick was even vindicated in his provincial childhood music taste and got to record with his hero Vince Clarke of Depeche Mode and Erasure. Meanwhile Anu himself was able to fulfil a personal dream, flying out to the States to work on the final touches to the album with funk and hip hop mixing legend and Timbaland's go-to-man, Jimmy Douglass.

1. Francois de Roubaix - La Mer est Grande (Carl Craig remix)
2. Patrick & Raymond - Bushfukka
3 Thomas Brinkmann - Wait a Minute
4. DJ Gregory - Afromobile
5. Blakkat - Breathe Don't Stop
6. Kenny Dope - Frenzy
7. Style of Eye - Right Now!
8. Zongamin - Serious Trouble
9. Freeform Five - Eeeeaaooww
10. Spektrum - Kinda New (Tiefschwarz dub)
11. Freeform Five - Break Me (Jackson remix)
12. The Electric Soft Parade - Headacheville
13. The Impossible Dreamers - Ga Ga
14. DJ Hell - Keep on Waiting
15. Graffiti - What is the Problem? (Zongamin mix)
16. The Emporer Machine - Pro Mars
17. Trina - B R Right (Acapella)
18. Roxy Music - Love is the Drug
19. Motion - Y U Fall
20. !!! - Me and Giuliani Down by the School Yard
21. LFO - Freak
22. NERD - Lapdance (Freeform Reform)
23. Freeform Five - Have It Your Way (Freeform Reform dub)
24. Freeform Five - Perspex Sex (Ewan's Hi-Nrg mix)

Freeform Five - Bisous Bisous (Blue)

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