Friday, June 23, 2006

Groove Armada - Essential Summer Groove

Well it is now officially summer & should be the weekend of Glastonbury & guess what? It's bloody miserable! Hope this mix cheers you all up, worth it for Chicken Lips & the acclaimed Mixmaster Morris remix of "Autumn Leaves" (not very summer-ish!)
Given away with the May 2004 issue of Mixmag, do I have to tell you all about Groove Armada? I don't think so...
...except for
* The band was named after a club the duo used to run, called 'Captain Sensual at the Helm of the Groove Armada'
* Yorkshire man Andy Cato used to play trombone in a brass band and is a former Young Jazz Musician of the Year
* Tom Finlay hails from Cambridge and used to work in public reltionships for Nike
* 1998's Northern Star was awarded Best New Artist's Album by MUZIK Magazine
* Vertigo was recorded in the rural tranquility of Ambleside , at the heart of the English Lake District (Where Wordsworth used to live, poetry fans)
* Tracks "Superstylin'" and "My Friend" are used as theme music for Brazil's most popular soap opera
* Tom's cousin is Digs from Nottingham's DIY DJ collective
Cheers to BBC Music Profiles!

1 M.A.W - Ékabo
2 Paul Murphy - Soul Call
3 DJ Ali - You Don't Know
4 Random Factor - After The Tone (DJ T's Tweakin Disco Mix)
5 Ethan - In My Heart (Instrumental Edit)
6 The Huggy Factor - Modal Nodes
7 Ben Wijay - IOU
8 Sweet Left Peg - Stonething
9 Chicken Lips - He Not In (Edit)
10 Groove Armada - Ooh Baby
11 Gecko - South Of Mexico City (Instrumental)
12 Neon Heights - Gentlemen Of Funk (Stargazer Vocal Mix)
13 Darren Roach & Dave Brennan - The Riddem
14 Alexander Robotnick - Dance By Dance (2003 Remix)
15 Coldcut - Autumn Leaves (Mixmaster Morris Remix)
16 Max Sedgley - Happy (Spiritual South Go Happy In Rio! Mix)

Groove Armada - Essential Summer Groove

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