Saturday, June 17, 2006

Audio Bullys - Hooligan House: The Sound of 2003

Given away with (the now defunct) Muzik Magazine in January 2003, great mix although a bit unsure about the MCing at times! Dunno what to think about the Audio Bullys, used to think they were great until they released that terrible ballard "I'm In Love" which put me off them, a shame really! Tom, the DJ half of the Bullys, had his decks at 16 and was a resident at London club Milk N' 2 Sugars when he was 17. "I went from house into hardcore and back into house again," recalls Tom. Tom has more recently been spotted devastating the dancefloor at the City Rockers club night in London, mixing The Kinks over Leftfield's 'Phat Planet'. "I play a lot of my own stuff now," explains the shy superstar DJ in waiting. "A bootleg of something here or there, house, hip hop. I'm not too worried about clinical production as long as it works."

01 Audio Bullys / Wink - Plugged In / Freak (Acappella) (7:47)
02 David James - (Always) A Permanent State (4:29)

03 Inland Knights - Fresh Feat (1:59)

04 The Buffalo Bunch - Buffalo Club (2:31)

05 Cassius - Sound Of Violence (Audio Bullys Energiser Mix) (3:42)
06 Gaspard - Good Enough (4:27)
07 Dr. Kucho & Wally Lopez - House Park (1:58)

08 Audio Bullys - Real Life (Hawk's Grimy Dub) (4:48)

09 The Path present Galaxy 21 - Rhythm Trackin' (2:57)

10 Ils - No Soul (PMT Mix) (2:13)

11 Audio Bullys - Miagi (3:41)

12 Audio Bullys - We Don't Care (Instrumental) (3:56)

13 Audio Bullys - The Beginning (4:10)

14 Touché - Black Light (3:44)

15 Mousse T. - Ooh Song (1:57)

16 Hawk - Untitled (1:34)

Audio Bullys - Hooligan House

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