Thursday, June 22, 2006

Andrew Weatherall - London Xpress

1st part of the NME's cover CD back in 2000 (the David Holmes mix is still up & running under May's entries & will post the Harvey one eventually!)

Every so often, reference is made to dance being dead, or rock being healthy, or vice versa. It implies the two things have an inverse relationship; that they can’t co-exist. It’s a load of old nonsense, as the work of Andrew Weatherall serves to prove. A cursory glance at his discography – featuring Creation, Heavenly, Factory, Rough Trade, One Little Indian, Warner, Talkin’ Loud, Island, Boy’s Own, Deconstruction, Warp, Rotters’ Golf Club etc – undermines the cliché further. Or put another way: trends don’t sell records, artists do. Andrew Weatherall lives his life in small print, not bold text, always supporting the independents, and ever ready to back the underdog. He cares for fashion but not what is fashionable. Nothing about him is painstakingly planned, or coolly calculated.

“It’s only in the last five years that I’ve considered myself a DJ, ‘cos when I first started, I just played records. I thought of it as a job, but I never thought of it as a career. When you start thinking career, you start thinking ‘game plans’, and ‘I’ve gotta be at a certain stage’, and ‘oh, why am I still doing this’ if, you know, ‘my career should be here’. I’ve never thought of it as a career. Call me an underachiever but I never… I think if you start thinking of it as a career, you start thinking you’ve gotta be here at a certain time, then you start taking shortcuts and start making the wrong kind of decisions. For a long time I put myself down and said it wasn’t a proper job. But it is.” from Haywire

01 Plaid - Tophapy (2:53)
02 Burnt Friedman & The Nu Dub Players - Hard Drive Dub (2:45)
03 John Tejada - Daydreaming Diaster (3:27)
04 Steve Stoll - Brooklyn Bridge (LP Version) (4:32)
05 7 Hurtz - Stockers Motor (6:16)
06 Lali Puna - Everywhere All Over (4:38)

Andrew Weatherall - London Xpress

Two Lone Swordsmen

Rotters Golf Club shop

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