Thursday, June 29, 2006

Tayo - Y4K Summer Breaks

Getting prepared for the weekend, a few breaks mixes over the next couple of days (& then theres gonna be a break till next week - am off to a wedding).
Given away with DJ Magazine back in 2002, Y4K Summer Breaks sees Tayo picking up the reigns and premiering his upfront choices from the Distinct'ive Breaks summer 2002 collection, encompassing the full spectrum of breakbeat. From ethereal vibes such as Circulations dub of PQM's beautiful "Everyday", via Ashtrax's progressive breaks mix of Maurice & Noble "Faith Delivers", to tech edged beats from San Francisco's LAte Night Sneaky and their funky as "Purr", the mix ends up in full on, dark and hard breaks territory with two brand new tracks from the sensational Quiet Killaz.
Tayo is a familiar face on the breaks scene where he can safely lay claim to helping shape the nu skool sound in the late 90’s alongside fellow breaksters Adam Freeland and Rennie Pilgrem, who together promoted the genre forming Friction parties at Bar Rhumba & The End. Tayo was also pinnacle in promoting the breaks scene and it’s artists to a much larger audience through his work as a press officer promoting artists and labels and also as a journalist writing reviews and reviewing club nights. With his fingers in a hell of a lot of pies and a strong attitude towards always achieving greater things, it was not long before world - well - breaks domination was bound to happen...

1 Prince Quick Mix feat. Ekaterini - Everyday (Circulation Dub) (4:40)
2 Way Out West feat. Kirsty Hawkshaw - Stealth (Nubreed Remix) (5:39)
3 Maurice & Noble feat. Jane Hadley - Faith Delivers (Ashtrax Remix) (3:45)
4 Urban Dubz - The Fearless Track (4:40)
5 Late Night Sneaky - Purr Project (5:11)
6 Dave London & Filthy Rich - Twisted (Future Funk Squad 'Insulation' Remix) (5:10)
7 dB+ - That Thing (That Koma & Bones Mix) (5:42)
8 NuBreed - Beats N Rhymes (3:53)
9 Quiet Killaz - Warning (5:05)
10 Quiet Killaz - Critical Level (5:25)

Tayo - Y4K Summer Breaks

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